Taylor Swift mega fans five weeks away from getting wed 'more excited' to see mega star

-Credit: (Image: @clairefriary)
-Credit: (Image: @clairefriary)

Mega Swifities who are just a few weeks away from getting married say they are more "excited" to see the superstar in concertthan their big day with Taylor Swift about appear at the Murrayfield Stadium within minutes.

Emotions are running high as the history making Eras tour makes its debut in Edinburgh on Friday night. Fans have been queuing since 5am this morning to claim a spot at the front, getting his by down pours.

However, it's all been worth it as fans shared their excitement to finally be at the concert they've been dreaming about for months.

Claire Friary and her fiance posted a picture from within Murrayfield with floral outfits on. The post said: "We are getting married 5 weeks today but this is more exciting for us."

Countless Scots shared their homemade outfits with weeks dedicated crafting the perfect look from the Shake it off hit-maker's 18 year career.

Esmée and Jennifer, known as the@sisterswifties on X, shared their oitfits copying some of the 34-year-old's most iconic looks. They posted: "and by the way… we’re going out tonight!! my sister and I are in our reputation and midnights era for #EdinburghTSTheErasTour night 1!! see you soon @taylorswift13."

Another couple dressed up as Taylor and her other half Superbowl star Travic Kelce. @ithitsdiffpod said: "feeling so high school on night one of #EdinburghTStheErasTour"

Many fans said they have been waiting for years to see their hero with some even admitting they felt "sick". For some it's been an 16 years wait.

Cait posted on X: "Finally seeing taylor after her being my whole world since 2008."

Josefina who has travelled all the way from Uruguag to Scotland has come with her bestie. She added: "We became Swifties together in 2008 and now we’re seeing her together for the first timeshow, a dream come true."

Those who waited in the pouring rain and wind all day finally got the spot they had been hoping for.

Hayley Millar secured her place right at the front of the stage, with a prime viewing position. She posted a video showing her delight. She said: "I can say it was all worth it… Its been a long time coming!"

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