Taylor Swift security presence outside luxury hotel ahead of Cardiff gig

A massive security presence has been spotted outside the Titanic Hotel
-Credit: (Image: Liverpool ECHO)

A significant security detail has been observed at Liverpool's Titanic Hotel this week as Taylor Swift concluded her three nights of shows at Anfield.

The global pop sensation is set to deliver her final show of the three-part Eras Tour in L4 this Saturday. Despite her time in Merseyside, the 34 year old singer's location has been kept under wraps.

Nonetheless, an increased security presence was noted at the upscale Titanic Hotel today before the evening's event. The establishment is among the city's most luxurious accommodations and is known as a temporary home for new footballers acclimatising to the city.

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Images taken reveal that one section of the hotel has been cordoned off, with several security personnel on duty. Taylor's performances at Anfield have garnered immense praise, with throngs of fans, affectionately known as Swifties, generating an extraordinary vibe throughout the city.

Taylor herself has expressed her deep appreciation for the reception she's received in Liverpool, stating that the city has left a "stunning impression" on her. Following her rendition of 'Champagne Problems' last night, the sheer volume of the audience's cheers overwhelmed Taylor, prompting her to remove her earpieces and pause her performance to absorb the moment, reports the Liverpool Echo.

After a brief interlude, she exclaimed: "Wow. This is one of the most expressive, genuine, generous crowds I've ever been in front of."

She continued, expressing her gratitude and joy: "I've made so many best friends out here tonight. I am so lucky to get to play a show for people like you and to get to meet you."

Concluding her heartfelt message, she added: "Thank you so, so much for that. I love you."