Taylor Swift's Cats trailer is here… and it's already very divisive

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The long-awaited first real look at the Cats movie is here… and wow, it's really something.

The clip was released earlier than scheduled, after a previous behind-the-scenes featurette promised that the first first actual footage from Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's movie music would be with us on Friday.

But when you have a trailer like this one, you just can't hold it back! It's essentially a montage of Cats' production numbers, with Jennifer Hudson singing the musical's signature song 'Memory'.

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It's also so much more than that description because there's a lot of process.

Director Tom Hooper revealed in the behind-the-scenes feature that the cast would be covered in "the most perfect covering of fur" using digital technology.

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As far as we can tell, the cast wore no actual cat costumes on set — fur was digitally overlaid on their bodies in post-production by Hooper's VFX team.

What we got definitely isn't something that many were expecting, and they weren't shy about expressing their opinions about this #DigitalFurTechnology.

(Warning: NSFW tweets below)

Director Tom Hooper also previously described the film as taking place on a "much bigger scale than you can possibly imagine" visually, with giant-sized sets dwarfing the cats.

The cats are definitely very small in the first-look teaser. In fact, it looks like they're dwarfed by kitchen shelves at one point.

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All of these unusual creative choices certainly made for a surreal viewing experience:

On the flipside, there were many who still have extremely high hopes for Hooper's ambitious vision (including a certain former Celebrity Big Brother troublemaker):

Whether you loved it or not, Taylor Swift recently described the movie's unique visual style as "the coolest things I've seen".

And frankly, it'd be catty to argue with her about it!

Cats is set for release in UK and US cinemas on December 20, 2019.

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