Taylor Swift's hand 'freezes' on stage at Murrayfield as she halts performance

Taylor Swift issued an apology to crowds at her opening night in Edinburgh's Murrayfield, for her highly-anticipated Eras tour. The Cruel Summer hit sensation 'froze' on stage.

The 34-year-old admitted that 'it never happened before' as during her acoustic set, her hand appeared to freeze on stage. It comes as she was heard repeatedly asking fans in the crowd if they were ok.

One Swiftie appeared to be in trouble, as she changed up the lyrics to one of her songs to announce she wouldn't be continuing her performance until security and events organisers ensured the person wasn't in any danger.

Elsewhere, over 70,000 fans descended into the home of Scottish rugby on Friday night, with a whopping 220,000 expected to attend over the weekend for the rest of her gigs to adoring crowds.

During the show, Swift spoke of her 'love' for Scotland, admitting that her one 'regret' was not bringing her tours to the country sooner, as she fell in love with the energetic crowds.

taylor swift
Taylor Swift was concerned for fans during her gig on Friday night -Credit:Daily Record

She said: "This tour has been the most fun I have had in my entire life, it really is. I think the reason why it might be, my one regret in terms of the tours we have done is I really should have come to play in Scotland more.

"We should have taken every tour here - because look at what you've done, you made us all feel so welcome. You've been so beautifully generous to us."

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She continued: "Even before we got here, you showed love and passion. We got here and you guys are like this! the volume of singing and dancing, I can't stop looking at the crowd, I'm fully distracted by how great you are."

Fans attending on the Friday night also witnessed a magical proposal during her hit song Cardigan, as the pop icon addressed the sweet moment during the show.

"I just saw that whole thing, oh man that's amazing," Taylor said following her performance to Cardigan, when one Swiftie got down on one knee to pop the question.

She added: "That's a huge moment. I don't know if you guys are having fun, but I really am tonight," before moving on to the Folklore chapter of the show, as fans boomed with cheers.

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