Taylor Swift's show at Wembley Stadium N2 glitches but fans think there's a meaning behind it

taylor swift eras tour london shows wembley stadium
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images - Kevin Mazur/TAS Rights Management)

Taylor Swift's show at Wembley Stadium appeared to malfunction last night (Saturday, June 22). The large video at the back appeared to flash and turn black, before freezing on a still image of Taylor.

But were these technical problems, or a hidden message from Taylor Swift? According to Swifties, all the malfunctions have been carefully calculated and mean that something big is about to happen.

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They speculate that it's the pop star's way of saying that she'll soon be announcing the release of Reputation (Taylor’s Version). Countless fans have predicted in recent months that this album would be her next project, the fifth in her re-recording series.

One of the main indicators was the frozen image of Taylor Swift with 'reptile eyes' during Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?, with the snake being a recurring theme of the reputation era.

A user wrote on TikTok: "I was there and it glitched so many times that it has to mean something."

Another added: "They were so many glitches, literally every song had a glitch it was definitely intentional."

Taylor Nation on X (formerly Twitter), also reacted to a video of the malfunctions saying "Think there's been a glitch."

The official account posted it right as the glitch was happening, and fans don't believe it was just a coincidence. "Ok so Taylor Nation addressing this means it’s not an accident," commented a Swiftie.

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