Taylor vs Serrano LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream, latest news, updates and reaction

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Taylor vs Serrano LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream, latest news, updates and reaction
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Taylor vs Serrano - LIVE!

Katie Taylor edged out Amanda Serrano to retain her undisputed lightweight championship on a historic night at the iconic Madison Square Garden.

The fighting pride of Ireland emerged victorious from a gruelling, incredible battle that was befitting of its status as the biggest fight in women’s boxing history.

After making an impressive start to proceedings, Taylor looked on the brink of her first career defeat in the middle rounds as she absorbed heavy punishment from the big-punching Serrano and was almost stopped.

However, she somehow regathered her focus to shade the latter stages of a Fight of the Year contender and claim a contentious split-decision victory that opens the door to a rematch later in 2022, possibly at Dublin’s Croke Park.

On Saturday’s undercard, Liam ‘Beefy’ Smith produced a superb victory against former two-weight world champion Jessie Vargas, while Franchon Crews-Dezurn beat Elin Cederroos in a bloody war to become the undisputed women’s super-middleweight champion of the world.

Britain’s Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Galal Yafai put on an explosive early show, stopping the experienced Miguel Cartagena, whose corner pulled him out after only two rounds due to an emphatic beatdown.

Boxing schedule and results

Katie Taylor bt Amanda Serrano

Liam Smith bt Jessie Vargas

Franchon Crews-Dezurn bt Elin Cederroos

Galal Yafai bt Miguel Cartagena

Austin Williams bt Chordale Booker

Reshat Mati bt Joe Eli Hernandez

Skye Nicolson bt Shanecqua Paisley Davis

Khalil Coe bt William Langston

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Taylor vs Serrano latest news

  • Taylor takes split decision after epic main event at Madison Square Garden

  • Hearn targets rematch at Croke Park later in 2022

  • Smith claims crucial win over Vargas in co-main event

  • Crews-Dezurn becomes undisputed women’s super-middleweight champion

  • Galal Yafai brushes aside Cartagena in second professional bout

Taylor vs Serrano 2, anyone?

09:56 , Marc Mayo

Katie Taylor proclaimed her enthusiasm for a rematch with Amanda Serrano in front of 90,000 people in Dublin after successfully defending her world title belts in New York City.

Talk turned quickly to another bout between the stars, which could take place on home turf for Taylor.

“The rematch would be absolutely phenomenal and if it was in Dublin, we could sell out Croke Park,” she said.

Read the full story.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

04:54 , George Flood

Jake Paul still less than pleased with that result...

04:45 , George Flood

04:36 , George Flood

Here’s Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul discussing the rematch.

What an occasion that would be at Croke Park, which has a capacity of 82,300!

04:31 , George Flood

Taylor and Serrano reaction

04:31 , George Flood

04:20 , George Flood

Superb, respectful interviews with Taylor and Serrano after the fight. Both women appear very open to the rematch, with Taylor joking that she wants $2m next time!

Promoters Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul also both want it, with the latter feeling that it was a draw tonight at best.

Hearn wants to run it back at Croke Park in Dublin later in 2022, giving Taylor the chance of fight in her native Ireland again before she retires.

Paul - who is being booed by the crowd - also wants to make that happen.

Taylor wins by split decision

04:11 , George Flood

96-94 Serrano, 97-93 Taylor, 96-93 Taylor - AND STIILLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!




04:09 , George Flood

Taylor vs Serrano

04:08 , George Flood

To the scorecards we go!

Really feel like this could go either way. Did Taylor do enough with her fightback?

A chaotic, crazy fight that will live long in the memory.

A battle to fit the historic occasion.

Taylor vs Serrano

04:07 , George Flood

Serrano is now cut above her right eye... was that a punch or a clash of heads?

Both fighters go hell for leather for the rest of the final round! This is epic, epic stuff, as we knew it would be.

They stand in the middle of the ring and trade heavy shot after heavy shot until the final bell, with Taylor taking a lot of damage but landing her own punches too.

She nearly goes down before the bell, a result of sheer exhaustion and those huge blows from Serrano.

What a bloody fight. Amazing.

Taylor vs Serrano

04:04 , George Flood

What a fightback this is from Taylor.

Suddenly she’s landing a lot and has the feet moving comprehensively again!

She may well have edged in front here!

Serrano is feeling the pace.

Into the 10th and final round we go!

All still up for grabs...

Taylor vs Serrano

04:02 , George Flood

A much better eighth from Taylor, who lands a few nice punches and seems to have some rhythm and momentum back with something of a second wind.

Serrano could still live to regret not going for that stoppage when she had her opponent out on her feet.

A big final two rounds could win this for either fighter.

Much will also inevitably depend on how those first three rounds were scored.

They were very close.

Taylor vs Serrano

03:59 , George Flood

A huge body shot from Serrano, who looks to be hurting Taylor every time she connects.

Taylor is losing some of her well-drilled fundamentals as she keeps getting caught, the feet are much slower and her attacks are a bit one-paced as she looks for those hooks to the head.

However, Serrano steps off the gas somewhat in the seventh and it’s a pretty close round actually.

A chance for Taylor to regain some momentum?

Taylor vs Serrano

03:55 , George Flood

This is unbelievable stuff.

Serrano has some serious, serious power.

Taylor again looks on the verge of being stopped with blood streaming from her nose, scalp and a cut above her right eye.

But she’s got bags of heart and spirit and comes firing back where she can.

However, Serrano looks well on top now.

Taylor vs Serrano

03:51 , George Flood

Unbelievable action in the fifth!

Taylor is in the corner and they go blow for blow, with Taylor taking the majority of the damage!

Taylor comes firing back with a couple of big shots, but she’s desperately clinging on after some monster punches from the powerful Serrano!

Blood is streaming from the nose of Taylor, who is standing straight up now and just trying to make it to the bell as Serrano thunders down vicious shot after vicious shot.

I thought the referee might step in there, but Taylor does make it back to her corner.

What a round for Serrano! Wow.

Taylor vs Serrano

03:49 , George Flood

Serrano walking forward and trying to detonate those big shots still, jabbing nicely too.

But Taylor is still managing to drill her with a few counters at lightning speed before getting back out of range.

Taylor does stand her ground at times and scrap at close range, but she’s feeling the power from Serrano on those occasions.

A cut has opened up above the right eye of Taylor, who is told by trainer Ross Enamait not to go head-hunting before round five.

Taylor vs Serrano

03:46 , George Flood

It’s scrappy at close range and Serrano is then hunting down Taylor, who is so light on her feet.

Serrano cracks in a couple of decent lefts in close succession that may have caused some swelling around Taylor’s right eye.

There’s another left from Serrano, with the two fighters then tying up and Taylor countering beautifully.

Serrano is trying to walk her down at all times, but Taylor is so good when she rattles in the counter and then drifts away.

They keep going at the end of the third because the referee can’t hear the bell! Crazy atmosphere inside MSG.

Taylor vs Serrano

03:43 , George Flood

Taylor and Serrano exchange digs at close-range early in the second.

Serrano’s knees are then buckled by a solid right from the Bray Bomber!

Serrano is lurching forward looking for the big single shots, with the fleet-footed Taylor able to counter and then step back. Her jab is looking crisp thus far too.

Serrano finds her mark with a spiteful left towards the end of the round. The two minutes just fly by.

I would have Taylor 2-0 up, but it’s tough to score and plenty will have it one each through two.

Taylor vs Serrano

03:40 , George Flood

Taylor starts by making Serrano miss and then shows good hand speed with a cracking shot upstairs.

Serrano then tries to apply the pressure and whips up the crowd, attempting to detonate a couple of trademark heavy blows to the head.

Taylor’s movement is good as usual, staying out of trouble, landing a few nice shots and showing her speed.

I think Taylor shaded the opener.

Taylor vs Serrano

03:37 , George Flood


The biggest fight in women’s boxing history is underway, with the undisputed lightweight championship of the world on the line.

Will Taylor retain her belts, or can Serrano inflict her first career defeat?

Let’s find out...

03:35 , George Flood

This atmosphere is just something else as David Diamante commences with the pre-fight introductions.

It feels like there could be 100,000 people crammed into Madison Square Garden tonight.

Phenomenal, phenomenal noise. What an occasion this is!

03:30 , George Flood

A sea of green and wall of noise meets Taylor as she emerges from backstage. She looks focused and composed as she makes a very slow walk to the ring.

She looks to be soaking up every minute of this historic occasion, and making Serrano sweat a bit in the ring in the process.

03:26 , George Flood

03:23 , George Flood

The crowd is being whipped up into a frenzy for Serrano’s ring walk!

She finally emerges with her fists raised, followed closely by promoter Jake Paul.

I think the roof might come off Madison Square Garden for Taylor’s entrance.

03:18 , George Flood

Spine-tingling stuff as the Irish anthem is belted out - and I think that answers the question as to who has more fans in the house tonight!

We’ll have the ring walks after The Star-Spangled Banner.

03:14 , George Flood

Before the ring walks, we will have the national anthems. Puerto Rico up first.

A beaming smile from Serrano backstage. She doesn’t look fazed by this atmosphere at all.

Despite being a nine-time, seven-division world champion, she won’t have experienced anything like this in her glittering career to date.

03:11 , George Flood

03:09 , George Flood

A brilliant atmosphere now inside Madison Square Garden as ‘Sweet Caroline’ gets its usual airing.

It sounds like a brilliant mix between Irish and Puerto Rican fans.

This is going to be epic. History being made at the world’s most famous arena.

Can’t wait!

03:05 , George Flood

Taylor vs Serrano coming up

03:04 , George Flood

Just the main event to come now at Madison Square Garden!

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano for the undisputed lightweight championship of the world in the biggest fight in women’s boxing history is NEXT!

Don’t go anywhere. You won’t want to miss this!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Watch: Smith stops Vargas in round 10

02:58 , George Flood

Smith stops Vargas in round 10

02:57 , George Flood

What a statement win from Liam ‘Beefy’ Smith.

He continues the onslaught and momentum into round 10, smashing Vargas again with relentless pressure and huge shots to body and head.

The American looks out on his feet and is trapped against the ropes, with Smith unloading and the referee stepping in to wave off the contest.

A sublime performance from Smith, sheer pressure, power and physicality from the Liverpool native. Can he get himself back into world title contention now having claimed the WBO intercontinental super-welterweight belt?

And is that the last we see of Jessie Vargas inside the ring?

Smith vs Vargas

02:54 , George Flood

Vargas is barely holding on in the ninth, he’s being battered around the ring now and being constantly forced backwards as Smith unleashes some heavy blows to body and head.

Smith’s constant switch-ups are so impressive and nigh-on impossible to defend against.

Vargas’ legs look unsteady and his face has become a bit of a bloody state, while Smith is still bleeding from that cut sustained from the clash of heads early on.

Smith vs Vargas

02:51 , George Flood

Slightly better from Vargas, who gets off a couple of decent punches in the eighth - particularly a right hand that landed flush on the chin and gave Smith something to think about.

But Beefy is still applying all the pressure and throwing far more punches.

Signs of recovery and a potential imminent second wind from Vargas, maybe, but not sure he did quite enough to take the round.

I’d have it 6-2 to Smith.

Smith vs Vargas

02:47 , George Flood

Vargas is really feeling the pace here and he surely can’t take too many more of those jolting right uppercuts on the inside.

Blood is now streaming from the cut around Vargas’ left eye.

Smith is switching up his attacks beautifully, as shown by a vicious dig to the body that was followed by one of those thunderous uppercuts.

The pressure is still absolutely relentless and Vargas is starting to take a real beating.

Vargas is told by his corner to switch up the gameplan before round eight. They want him to press far more now.

But against Smith in this mood, that’s no easy task...

Smith vs Vargas

02:39 , George Flood

“Stay behind the jab,” is the advice from the Vargas corner before the start of round six.

Preciously little chance of that at the moment with Smith putting him under so much pressure all the time.

He’s coming forward relentlessly, throwing a high volume of damaging punches - both to the head and body - that are sapping all the energy from Vargas.

A couple of Vargas shots in the sixth look low. He’s fighting constantly off the back foot and against the ropes, landing some tidy counters of his own but not managing to keep the laser-focused Smith off him for more than a second or two.

Smith detonates some nice uppercuts on the inside and puts another round away. This is really impressive stuff from Beefy.

Can he keep it up? I’ve got him up 4-2.

Smith vs Vargas

02:38 , George Flood

Smith is closing the distance so well. Vargas had success with the jab in that first round, but hasn’t really been able to implement it since.

Smith is coming forward all the time, relentlessly pressurising, showing good variety with both hands and constantly backing him up against the ropes.

Both men are repeatedly told to watch their heads - they look like clashing every time they go in close.

A big right hand from Smith in the final stages of the fourth and Vargas is backed up once again!

A top round for Smith, that. I would have him ahead 3-2 now.

A brilliant battle but signs that Beefy might now be starting to take control.

Smith vs Vargas

02:34 , George Flood

Smith is on the front foot in the fourth, switching up his attacks and digging well to the body. Vargas needs to stay away from the ropes.

It’s more gruelling, absorbing exchanges, with Beefy the aggressor but Vargas firing dangerously off the back foot.

Vargas is backed up against the ropes again, but lands a couple of huge power shots on the defensive!

Then here comes Smith again... and Vargas is cut!

Tremendous action. What a fight this is so far.

Smith vs Vargas

02:30 , George Flood

Vargas looks to be controlling the tempo early in the third, so Smith turns aggressor as they trade more heavy potshots at close quarters.

A cut opens up above Smith’s right eye - was that from a punch or a clash of heads? I think the latter.

You’d probably give that round to the Liverpool fighter. I make him 2-1 down through three.

Smith vs Vargas

02:26 , George Flood

Smith is down early in the second, but it’s rightly ruled a slip.

Both fighters then go toe to toe at close range, each looking to inflict damage to the body.

Both men land decent uppercuts and are content to try and let their hands go up close, with Smith leaving himself open after throwing a jab and eating a left flush to the chin.

Smith tries to unload before the bell at the end of round two.

Decent action so far.

Smith vs Vargas

02:22 , George Flood

Smith goes to the body early on, but Vargas comes firing back quickly with some decent jabs and eye-catching shots upstairs.

He looks like he’s trying to contain some energy, leaving Beefy to chase some late first-round momentum and land a decent combination chasing towards the corner before the bell.

A close opener, likely shaded by Vargas.

Smith vs Vargas

02:17 , George Flood

You have to go back to April 2019 for Jessie Vargas’ last win, against Humberto Soto in California.

Fascinated to see how much he has left. Still only 32.

Here we go...

Smith vs Vargas

02:11 , George Flood

Tonight is must-win for both fighters in the co-main event.

Former WBO light-middleweight champion Liam Smith still has big aspirations at 33 after winning the battle of Liverpool against Anthony Fowler in October.

Vargas, meanwhile, is a talented former super-lightweight and welterweight world champion, but hasn’t fought since being outpointed by Mikey Garcia in February 2020.

He’s been busy with a political career, trying and failing to get to the US Congress in Nevada.

The vacant WBO Intercontinental belt is on the line here.

Shields vs Crews-Dezurn 2?

02:07 , George Flood

Claressa Shields is on punditry duty for DAZN tonight and gets emotional after that significant achievement from friend and familiar opponent Crews-Dezurn, who namechecks her in the ring.

She also believes a second pro clash between the pair is another of the biggest fights in women’s boxing.

Sounds like we’ll see it down the line. But it’s the enormous Savannah Marshall showdown for Shields up first this summer.

Smith vs Vargas up next

01:56 , George Flood

The chief support act of the night is up next at Madison Square Garden!

Liverpool’s Liam ‘Beefy’ Smith returns to the ring in a tough battle against former two-weight world champion Jessie Vargas.

This should be a cracker...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

01:50 , George Flood

Crews-Dezurn becomes undisputed super-middleweight champion

01:48 , George Flood

99-91, 99-91, 97-93 - all in favour of Crews-Dezurn! She is now the undisputed super-middleweight champion of the world.

What an achievement and what a fight. Huge credit to both boxers.

Crews-Dezurn is ecstatic as all four belts are draped around her shoulders.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Crews-Dezurn vs Cederroos

01:45 , George Flood

Some obvious late signs of fatigue from Crews-Dezurn as Cederroos tries to finish strong, but she’s surely done more than enough to become the undisputed women’s super-middleweight champion of the world.

We go to the scorecards...

Crews-Dezurn vs Cederroos

01:39 , George Flood

Round seven is more competitive and Cederroos has her best two minutes of the night in the eighth.

Is it too little, too late? Or can she turn the tide in the championship rounds in this hugely entertaining and gruelling undisputed firefight?

“Leave the overhand right alone,” is again the message from Barry Hunter in the corner.

He clearly feels Crews-Dezurn is leaving herself too exposed when she lunges forward to throw it, regardless of the damage it inflicts when it lands.

Crews-Dezurn vs Cederroos

01:36 , George Flood

There’s that golden line from Barry Hunter in the Crews-Dezurn corner...

Crews-Dezurn vs Cederroos

01:31 , George Flood

This is an absolute, all-out war past the halfway stage.

Cederroos is unleashing some clubbing blows of her own, but every time she does Crews-Dezurn comes roaring back.

They are repeatedly standing and trading some enormous shots, with blood still smeared all over the face of the Swede.

Crews-Dezurn connects with another huge overhand right that sends blood flying from the mouth of her opponent.

A rip-roaring contest between two power punchers.

Crews-Dezurn well on top overall, but she’s getting caught as well and is read the riot act by her corner before round seven.

“Stop trying to knock her out,” bellows the legendary trainer Barry Hunter. “Use your boxing skills.”

He adds: “I know damn well you ain’t gonna let no part-time soccer player beat you!”

The disrespect...

01:27 , George Flood

A raucous reception for Amanda Serrano as she arrived at MSG a little earlier on...

Crews-Dezurn vs Cederroos

01:26 , George Flood

Cederroos is caught heavily again at the start of round four, but looks to turn the tide with a couple of big shots of her own that land in quick succession.

The two women stand and trade plenty once again, with Cederroos’ face an absolute bloody mess.

Her nose is badly, badly busted. How long can she continue with that? Claret absolutely everywhere.

Crews-Dezurn vs Cederroos

01:23 , George Flood

Blood is now pouring from the nose of Cederroos, whose face is badly marked up all over.

She’s done well to absorb some of these monster punches and stay upright.

Crews-Dezurn’s power is something to behold!

The ringside doctor will surely want to have a look before the start of the fourth as they haven’t been able to stem the bleeding at all by the looks of things.

Crews-Dezurn vs Cederroos

01:20 , George Flood

Cederroos tries to go on the offensive but gets caught by another big right hand from Crews-Dezurn.

Every punch the American is throwing here is loaded with power.

She’s feeling the pace clearly, but is still having plenty of success with those thundering strikes and combinations.

Cederroos’ face is showing the effects of those ferocious blows, with blood coming from what looks like a busted nose.

Crews-Dezurn vs Cederroos

01:17 , George Flood

A former footballer with no amateur background and only eight pro bouts aged 37, Cederroos has not fought for more than two years since beating Alicia Napoleon to add the WBA title to the IBF version she claimed against Femke Hermans in 2019.

She’s guilty of lunging early on and gets smashed with an absolutely massive overhand right from Crews-Dezurn, who also crashes in a spiteful left hook.

Some great action in round one between two power punchers, with Cederroos getting hurt but trying to fight fire with fire.

Some absolute bombs being thrown early on! Crews-Dezurn landing a few big, big shots but emptying the tank already.

Crews-Dezurn vs Cederroos

01:14 , George Flood

Cederroos ring walks to ‘Put Em Under Pressure’, wisely trying to win over the pro-Irish crowd already inside Madison Square Garden tonight.

As ever, some very lively ring attire from the purple-clad Crews-Dezurn, including an interesting mask.

The first bell sounds! Here we go...

Crews-Dezurn vs Cederroos

01:09 , George Flood

The first of two women’s undisputed world championship clashes is about to take place at Madison Square Garden.

It’s in the super-middleweight division, with America’s WBC and WBO champion Franchon Crews-Dezurn battling Swedish WBA and IBF title-holder Elin Cederroos.

Cederroos is undefeated in eight pro bouts to date, while Crews-Dezurn’s only loss came on her debut against the great Claressa Shields back in 2016.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

01:03 , George Flood

Fair to say Eddie was pleased with that two-round blitz from Galal Yafai...

Watch: Yafai destroys Cartagena in second pro fight

01:00 , George Flood

Yafai easily brushes aside Cartagena

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:57 , George Flood

What a furious performance from the explosive Yafai.

A 10-rounder that many saw as a tough early test that doesn’t even go into the third.

That was a serious display of power, accuracy and levels, devastating the helpless Cartagena with non-stop, venemous barrages with both hands.

Yafai is on a fast-track to professional glory. What a way to announce yourself at this iconic arena.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Yafai vs Cartagena

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:51 , George Flood

This is an absolute pummeling being dished out by Yafai.

He continues to hammer down a relentless succession of severe power punches, working the angles very nicely indeed.

It’s onslaught after onslaught, with the referee telling Cartagena twice that he needs to show him something to allow this to continue.

Cartagena makes it to the end of round two, but his corner immediately pull him out!

Katie Taylor in the house

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:49 , George Flood

Katie Taylor has arrived backstage at Madison Square Garden, looking as cool and composed as ever.

Yafai vs Cartagena

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:47 , George Flood

Yafai sets an ultra-aggressive tone from the outset, swarming Cartagena and unloading a sustained barrage of venemous shots with both hands.

He’s desperate to put on an explosive show and searches for the early knockout, with Cartagena grateful that the referee relieves the pressure a couple of times with brief warnings about pushing off.

Yafai thuds in more serious punches upstairs, emptying the tank and showing his full range of punches - including a couple of savage uppercuts.

A lot of damage already taken by Cartagena, who isn’t going to last long here.

Yafai vs Cartagena

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:44 , George Flood

And we are underway!

The eager Yafai is straight on the offensive, hunting down his opponent in the corner.

Puerto Rican-American Cartagena hasn’t done much as a pro, but does boast a lot of experience with 20 bouts.

Interestingly, both men are 29.

Yafai vs Cartagena up next

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:40 , George Flood

First up on tonight’s main card is the second professional appearance of Galal Yafai.

Great Britain’s 2020 Olympic gold medallist is in another tough-looking 10-rounder against seasoned American Miguel Cartagena.

Yafai wants these proper tests straight from the jump to put him on a fast track to pro stardom, not messing around with early four or six-rounders against hopelessly overmatched opponents.

Tonight he’s defending the WBC International flyweight title he won on debut against Carlos Vado Bautista on the Okolie-Cieslak undercard at London’s O2 Arena in February.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Hearn: This is just the start for women’s boxing

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:34 , George Flood

For Eddie Hearn meanwhile, there is no doubt that tonight’s “historic, game-changing” main event will live up to its considerable billing.

“This has been billed as the biggest female fight of all time, but actually it’s one of the biggest fights of all time,” he said this week.

“I’m so confident in the fight itself that if it’s the fight I’m absolutely convinced it will be, it will blow the doors off women’s boxing and boxing in general.

“It will just be the start of so many big, major fights for females.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Eddie Hearn vs Jake Paul bet

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:25 , George Flood

Respective promoters Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul made a seven-figure wager on tonight’s main event while going back and forth at the final press conference on Thursday, with Paul then pledging to give his potential winnings to Serrano.

But Hearn has since revealed that they had to cancel that after being given a telling off and reminder of their respective roles, with something much more interesting planned by the sounds of things...

“Unfortunately we kind of got our collar felt a little bit in the respect of – promoters can’t bet on their own fight and that’s not a great look,” he said.

“So myself and Jake have been coming up with an alternative which is gonna make you laugh a lot. I’ll give you the details maybe later before the fight.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

“It probably involves me getting knocked out, but that’s only if Katie loses. If not, it’s gonna involve Jake Paul getting knocked out.

“It’s gonna be for charity. All the details are gonna be [revealed]. We had a conversation after and got told, ‘Legally you can’t really bet on the fight as a promoter.’

“And we were like, ‘Okay.’ But we’ve got something that’s much bigger that we’re working on. If Katie loses tonight I’ll be in the gym. And if she wins I’ll be on the phone to several people. All will be revealed.”

Taylor: This is going to be a very special night

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:13 , George Flood

‘Bray Bomber’ Taylor is expecting the world’s most famous arena to be packed full of Irish fans tonight.

“I think every single Irish person I know right now is actually coming over for the fight,” she said.

“I think the stadium will be packed with Irish people and the support will be incredible.

“The whole stadium is going to be full of Irish flags and that just adds to the excitement for me, the magnitude of it.

“The support I’ve had from everyone back home, ever since my amateur days, has been incredible.

“The fact that they’re all travelling over for this fight as well is amazing. This is going to be a very special night.”

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Taylor vs Serrano: Who wins? Vote now...

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:06 , George Flood

Who do you think will triumph in tonight’s massive main event?

Vote in our Standard Sport Twitter poll below...

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:05 , George Flood

You might notice that Mr Eddie Hearn is sporting a full tuxedo tonight.

He revealed in a chat with Steve Bunce this week that he wasn’t initially planning to do so again, having worn one for Anthony Joshua’s ill-fated US debut at MSG against Andy Ruiz Jr back in the summer of 2019.

But then he remembered that Taylor also emerged victorious on that card, becoming the undisputed lightweight world champion with a controversial points defeat of Delfine Persoon.

A good omen?

Taylor: Serrano is a big puncher... but my desire will see me through

Sunday 1 May 2022 00:00 , George Flood

Many people are giving Serrano the edge tonight due to her greater power, despite being the naturally smaller fighter who has switched between weights at an incredible pace.

30 of her 42 pro wins have come via stoppage, though Taylor believes she has the durability necessary to withstand those shots and come out on top.

“I think she’s known to be a big puncher,” Taylor said. “But I wouldn’t be concerned about that. I have a good chin.

“I’m definitely preparing for the toughest fight of my career, but it will be the toughest fight of her career as well.

“This is one of the reasons - a 50/50 fight, the biggest fight in the sport right now - why there’s so much excitement about it.

“But my will to win, my desire, my heart, my grit, that will see me through.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Katie Taylor: I was born for fights like this

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:55 , George Flood

Here are some pre-fight thoughts from the great Katie Taylor as we await the start of the main undercard at Madison Square Garden, where a women’s fight will top the bill for the very first time ever.

History being made in New York tonight.

“This has been dubbed as the biggest fight in female boxing history and ever since it was announced you can feel the buzz around this fight,” Taylor said.

“Training camp is going great, I’m feeling fit, I’m feeling strong and I’m expecting to produce a career-best performance.

“I think I was born for fights like this and although it’s a huge responsibility, it’s an absolute privilege to be a part of such a huge occasion and I just can’t wait.”

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Saturday 30 April 2022 23:51 , George Flood

Watch: Ammo Williams blows away Booker in round one

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:48 , George Flood

Williams stops Booker in first round

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:47 , George Flood


Williams absolutely blows away Booker in the first round, showing his speed, power and athleticism from the first bell.

He rocks his opponent badly before trapping him hopelessly against the ropes, unleashing a brutal sustained assault that nearly puts him out of the ring twice.

There is nothing whatsoever coming back from the dazed Booker and the referee is notably slow to step in, eventually giving Booker a count before deciding he is in no fit state to continue.

The short-lived, one-sided bout is waved off with 32 seconds left in the opener.

Quite some statement from Williams, who moves to 11-0 and picks up his first title in the form of the WBA continental Americas middleweight strap.

Booker loses his undefeated record, meanwhile.

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Williams vs Booker

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:42 , George Flood

Here we go!

Who will claim the vacant WBA continental Americas middleweight title?

Booker is 17-0 and in his first title fight aged 30.

Meanwhile, ‘Ammo’ is 25 and 10-0 as a professional.

Williams the big favourite, can he impress on a huge stage?

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:38 , George Flood

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:34 , George Flood

The composition of the capacity Madison Square Garden crowd for tonight’s main event will be very interesting.

A lot of Irish fans have inevitably flown over for this, while there is obviously a strong Irish community already in the Big Apple.

But Serrano’s Puerto Rico is also strongly represented in this city. Who will have the edge from the crowd?

It should be one hell of an atmosphere!

Williams vs Booker coming up

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:32 , George Flood

Only one fight remaining before the main undercard is underway in New York!

The 8-0 American prospect Austin “Ammo” Williams takes on Chordale Booker for the vacant WBA continental Americas middleweight belt.

It’s a 10-round battle of two undefeated southpaws.

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Mati outpoints Hernandez in ill-tempered clash

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:28 , George Flood

All three judges score the bout 80-72 in favour of Reshat Mati, who moves to 12-0 after dominating an ill-tempered contest.

A fine debut on the main stage at MSG from the Albanian Bear, who had only previously fought here at the Hulu Theater downstairs.

Mati vs Hernandez

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:25 , George Flood

The confident Mati is talking all the time as he feints and moves brilliantly, timing his strikes to perfection - particularly those thudding uppercuts.

Hernandez almost accidentally clocks the referee there!

Mati cruises to the end of the final round. This has been very comfortable indeed for the 23-year-old.

Mati vs Hernandez

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:21 , George Flood

Mati again signalling to the referee over another punch to the back of the head early in the seventh.

Hernandez determinedly coming forward still, but he’s being confidently picked off - particularly when he comes in low and gets struck with that jolting uppercut.

Mati is still talking plenty of trash and keeping a limit on his full aggression, but there are some lovely combinations and his speed is embarrassing the frustrated Hernandez.

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Mati vs Hernandez

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:17 , George Flood

More of the same in the sixth, Mati still a mile on top as he throws some eye-catching uppercuts and bruising body blows. His scything left hook to the body is a mean, mean weapon.

He’s been very displeased with what he feels are repeated punches to the back of the head from Hernandez, consistently gesturing to the referee.

Hernandez - despite his impressive knockout record - looks very limited and eats so many shots. But Mati seems reluctant to fully push forward and take him out as things stand.

Mati vs Hernandez

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:13 , George Flood

Mati has been caught once or twice upstairs over the past couple of rounds, but he’s still in complete control of this eight-round contest through five.

Hernandez absorbs some spiteful combinations towards the end of the fifth, with the referee again having to step in to cool simmering tensions.

There is clearly no love lost between this pair. Hernandez is being dominated and is obviously getting very frustrated as a result.

He’s taking a lot of punishment and you wonder if Mati could put him away soon...

Watch: Mati walks out to Stone Cold’s entrance music

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:08 , George Flood

Mati vs Hernandez

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:05 , George Flood

Mati is completely controlling the tempo here, utilising his vastly superior speed with hands and feet to great effect.

He’s slick, skilled and focused, landing his own shots in bunches and proving too quick for Hernandez’s tame and telegraphed rushes, making him miss plenty.

It’s one-sided, but still with enough of a feisty edge to keep things highly watchable.

Will Mati push for the stoppage?

Mati vs Hernandez

Saturday 30 April 2022 23:00 , George Flood

A real edge to this contest, with plenty of jawing between the welterweight rivals. The referee has her hands full at times.

Mati - looking to go 12-0 tonight - jabbing wonderfully again in round two and rifling in those heavy blows to the body, which Hernandez evidently detests.

The Albanian Bear clearly has very quick hands and impressive footwork.

More aggro at the bell!

Mati vs Hernandez

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:55 , George Flood

Mati much the sharper in that first round.

His hand speed is impressive and he’s moving well, jabbing crisply and smartly.

Watch: Nicolson floors Davis in final round

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:53 , George Flood

Here’s another look at that last-gasp knockdown from Nicolson:

Mati vs Hernandez up next

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:49 , George Flood

To the men’s welterweight division next!

The undefeated, Staten Island-based ‘Albanian Bear’ Reshat Mati takes on the 12-1 Joe Eli Hernandez of Mexico in an eight-rounder.

Mati coming out to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s iconic entrance music, complete with an ‘Albo 3:16’ t-shirt.

Can he put on a show on his main stage debut at MSG, which is starting to fill up now...

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Hearn: Taylor vs Serrano is the Mayweather-Pacquiao of women’s boxing

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:46 , George Flood

Pictures of just three fighters hang in the office of Eddie Hearn: Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez and Katie Taylor, and Hearn argues Taylor could be the most important of the three.

Taylor’s undefeated record faces arguably its biggest test on Saturday night against Amanda Serrano, the first time a women’s fight has headlined the card at New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden.

Its promoter believes it will go down in boxing folklore, not just women’s boxing. For him, it feels like a watershed moment for the sport.

“This isn’t just big for women’s boxing, just boxing,” he said. “It’s not just the biggest female fight of all time but one of the best fights of all time. You have the undisputed world champion against a seven-division world champion.

“This is the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao of women’s boxing but with both of them in their prime. This fight will grab all the headlines and the world will watch, and see a classic.”

 (Getty Images)
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Both Taylor and Serrano have their stories of adversity to get to this point. For Taylor, that entailed turning up to the gym for training every day with her headguard on to disguise her ponytail, pretending to be a boy in order to spar with other boys and competing against other boys in amateur fights.

Click here to read the Eddie Hearn interview in full

Nicolson brushes aside Davis

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:41 , George Flood

All three judges score the bout 60-54 in favour of Nicolson, who easily moves to 3-0 as a pro - all of those fights taking place in the space of just 60 days.

The affable Nicolson - whose home from home is Bromley - has said she wants one more fight before spending some time back in Australia.

Nicolson vs Davis

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:39 , George Flood

Down goes Davis in the sixth!

She gets caught with an initial left hand, then Nicolson drives in another spiteful straight left down the pipe that lands flush and sends her opponent to the canvas.

Davis gets back to her feet and only has a couple more seconds of the sixth and final round to see out.

A superb performance from Nicolson, who will coast to a wide points win here.

Nicolson vs Davis

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:37 , George Flood

This is great to watch from the ultra-slick Nicolson, who has a big, big future in the pro ranks.

She’s absolutely dominating Davis, in complete control of a thorougly one-sided bout from the first bell.

Switching up her attacks nicely with venom, picking her punches and angles beautifully.

One round left for Davis to endure...

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(Getty Images)

Nicolson vs Davis

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:32 , George Flood

Nicolson enjoying herself in the fourth, dancing on those nimble feet and throwing out some dangerous right hands, jabbing beautifully still from that awkward southpaw stance.

Davis is taking a lot of punishment and barely landing a glove on the Australian.

Nicolson vs Davis

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:29 , George Flood

A very impressive opening couple of rounds from the talented and rangy Nicolson, who is using her long jab to perfection so far.

There’s a real gulf in class, with the Australian showing great variety and accuracy with some stellar combinations.

Davis is unable to get close, picked off with some sweetly-timed counters when she does try to rush forward.

All Nicolson so far.

Nicolson vs Davis

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:23 , George Flood

It’s quickly onto the second bout in the ‘Before the Bell’ portion of proceedings at MSG.

Australia’s Commonwealth Games champion Skye Nicolson faces Shanecqua Paisley Davis in only her third professional fight, having beaten both Jessica Juarez and Bec Connolly last month.

Nicolson soaking up the building atmosphere as she makes her way to the middle in a New York Rangers jersey, which she also sported at the weigh-in yesterday.

This is another six-rounder in the super-featherweight division.

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Coe outpoints Langston in opening bout

Saturday 30 April 2022 22:19 , George Flood

The first fight of the night is in the books in New York!

Khalil ‘Big Steppa’ Coe has defeated William Langston in a six-round light-heavyweight contest.

A decent performance from Coe, who takes it 60-54, 59-55 and 58-56 on the scorecards.

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