Boost your immune system after each workout with Protect, a new plant-based supplement from Tom Brady's TB12

Vinciane Ngomsi
Yahoo Sports Contributor
"You're going to love it," Brady said of new TB12 recovery supplement Protect.

Global health and wellness brand TB12, founded by Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and business partner Alex Guerrero, announced Monday the release of Protect, an immunity blend supplement made from clinically studied ingredients. A nutrient intended to help the body recover from every day and exercise-induced aches, Protect marks the first co-branded release with VitalFit, a wellness and nutrition company that offers plant-based fitness recovery products, which TB12 acquired earlier this year.

TB12's Protect retails for $45

“Now more than ever, it’s important to have daily support for a healthy immune response as our bodies are subject to constant stressors that deplete its resources,” TB12 CEO John Burns told Yahoo! Sports exclusively. “Ingredients like Vitamin C, Zinc and Elderberry in our new Protect blend help improve antibody response, regulate inflammation and eliminate foreign challengers. This reinforces healthy cells while aiding in the recovery of your immune system so you can stay strong and protected.”

Brady himself boasted about the supplement’s benefits on his Instagram stories Monday, toting the many benefits of the antioxidant properties and how they function for athletes and non-athletes alike. Some of the innovative ingredients include Vitamin C and Zinc, which work together to manage inflammation and repair damaged tissue. Another key additive, elderberry, helps to strengthen your immune cells through anti-viral properties.

For athletes, Protect fills in the gap between traditional exercise rehabilitation (aches, pains, and discomfort) and recovery of your immune system. For non-athletes, the nutrient was found to not only help counter the effects of everyday stressors your immune system might undergo, but also increase vigor while reducing fatigue and tension.

Protect is priced at $45 and can be purchased at TB12 Sports.