Teacher who got drunk and took students to a strip club on a school trip is banned for three years

Tom Ambrose
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<p>Richard Glenn has been banned from teaching for three years </p> (Social media image)

Richard Glenn has been banned from teaching for three years

(Social media image)

A teacher who got drunk with pupils and took them to a strip club while on a school trip to Costa Rica has been banned from teaching for three years.

Richard Glenn, who taught IT at Longridge Towers School, in Berwick-upon-Tweed, also threatened students and exposed himself to a woman in his hotel room.

Fees at the private school in Northumberland cost up to £4,850 a term for day pupils.

His behaviour was seemed to be so unacceptable that he was sent home early from the trip, the Teaching Regulation Agency heard.

Mr Glenn, 55, admitted to gross misconduct and was sacked from his job in August 2019, the BBC reported.

A misconduct panel heard how the teacher, who was also head of sixth form, was looking after a group of 16 to 18-year-olds when he got drunk with them and took them to a strip club.

On the same trip, the married father-of-two, threatened to kick one pupil “in the head” and “kill” another.

He was also accused of acting aggressively towards a female colleague who was leading the trip.

Mr Glenn also exposed himself to a woman in his hotel - although it was agreed this was not “malicious or sexually motivated”.

The panel concluded he put pupils in his care at risk during an alcohol-fuelled night on July 5, 2019.

The panel’s report read: “Mr Glenn was, at various times during the school trip, under the influence of alcohol, and therefore not in a position to adequately take decisions or act in loco parentis should the need arise.

“This was in circumstances where pupils under his care were in an unfamiliar country, far from home, and relying on him for guidance and protection.

“Mr Glenn was an experienced teacher and pastoral leader who would have been expected to lead an overseas trip safely, and would have been well aware of the conduct expected of him.”

It added there was "no malice or sexual intent" in taking the students to the lapdancing club.

Mr Glenn was so drunk he admitted that he was unable to remember the night’s events, although he accepted the allegations of those who were there.

After the three years have elapsed, Mr Glenn will need to apply for the ban to be lifted, the panel said.

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