Teacher shares the 'worst' child's name she has ever heard

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While some parents choose to pass down names from generation to generation, others opt for something 'unique' that'll make their child stand out. However, this doesn't always go as planned, with some children growing up to resent their parents for giving them such a "strange" name.

One teacher has called out a set of parents who named their child 'Thank God', claiming it's the worst name she has ever encountered throughout her career in education. Speaking on behalf of her mother, a woman shared on Reddit: "My mum once worked at a school and there was a kid called Thank God. "The kid was a troublemaker and misbehaved in class just to hear his atheist teachers scream 'Thank God!' at the top of their lungs.

According to the Mirror, the child's name led to much hilarity for many. Others couldn't help but share similar questionable kids' names they'd encountered.

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One said: "I was in line at Six Flags once and this woman in front of us kept calling her son Trust Jay. My mum, being nosy, asked about it, since it was an interesting sounding name. Turns out, it was short for TrustInJesus. The kid's first name was TrustInJesus or TrustJ for short."

Another revealed a bird-themed name. They said: "Mystic Pigeon? She was a client at my office. Apparently it's a real surname and her parents were hippies so named her Mystic. Like who's ever going to take her seriously?"

Others revealed similar shocking names. One said: "I know a family with four kids: Prince, Princess, Precious, and Becca. The Becca at the end kills me."

A second said: "How about not giving your child a name? There was a kid I went to high school with whose legal first name was Unnamed Baby Boy. I don't know the story behind that though."

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