Teacher states the 'worst' kids name she has come across in the classroom

Teachers are often the first to see the change in trends for names.
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Traditional names are dying out with parents trying to come up with something that stands out from the traditional list that can often be passed down from one generation to the next.

Although some are truly unique and individual, others are found at the opposite end of the spectrum, leaving their kids to ponder why their parents would give them an odd name.

And there is no place more on the frontline of being exposed to new names than classrooms, with teachers seeing a myriad of different titles for their pupils from a very young age, the Mirror reports.

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One teacher called out a set of parents who named their child 'Thank God', saying it's the worst name she ever heard throughout her career in education. Speaking on her behalf, her daughter said on Reddit: "My mum once worked at a school and there was a kid called Thank God. "The kit was a s*** stirrer and misbehaved in class just to hear his atheist teachers scream 'Thank God!' at the top of their lungs."

In response to her post, other users started sharing the "bizarre" names they have heard used on a child, with one user saying: "I know a family with four kids: Prince, Princess, Precious, and Becca. The Becca at the end kills me."

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Another user added: "I was in line at Six Flags once and this woman in front of us kept calling her son Trust Jay. My mum, being nosy, asked about it, since it was an interesting sounding name.

"Turns out, it was short for TrustInJesus. The kid's first name was f***ing TrustInJesus or TrustJ for short."

A third user said: "Mystic Pigeon? She was a client at my office. Apparently it's a real surname and her parents were hippies so named her Mystic. Like who’s ever going to take her seriously?"

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One more user added: "How about not giving your child a name? There was a kid I went to high school with whose legal first name was Unnamed Baby Boy. I don't know the story behind that though."