Teacher suspended after teenage pupils given sex and drugs 'purity' test

Natasha Salmon
The teenagers were ranked from

A teacher has been suspended for asking pupils to fill out a “purity” test.

Parents were left “horrified” when they discovered the teenagers had been asked about their sex lives and use of drugs and alcohol.

The 16 and 17-year-old pupils at the Roy High School in Utah were then rated under terms such as “nerd”, “indecent”, “hopeless” or even “condemned”.

One mother said she was outraged after her daughter was given the test in her “Adult Roles and Financial Literacy” class and shared it on social media.

The survey, which was shared by The Salt Lake Tribune included questions such as “ever been kissed while in a reclining position”, and “have you ever had an abortion”.

In a post on her Facebook page, Heather Danks Miller said: “My daughter was given this questionnaire in school that she is supposed to put her name on and turn in. We are horrified.”

Upon returning the survey to her teacher, Ms Danks Miller’s daughter branded one question homophobic as it asked: “Even though you are straight would you go kinky to see what it’s like?"

She answered: "Literally none of this is your business and number 29 is homophobic."

Answers were worth various points, which a student could tally and see if their score fell within eight ranges, including “pure as ivory,” ''indecent“ and ”headed for serious trouble.“

A spokesman for Weber School District confirmed the teacher had gone on leave, but officials did not believe there “was any kind of malicious intent” behind the assignment.

”Officials from Weber School District and Roy High School want to extend our sincere apology to the students who were asked to complete this questionnaire, as well as their parents and we assure you this survey will not be used in the future."

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