Teachers strike at Glasgow school suspended for 'further talks' with council bosses

Teachers strike at Glasgow school suspended for 'further talks' with council bosses <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
Teachers strike at Glasgow school suspended for 'further talks' with council bosses (Image: Newsquest)

Teachers at a Glasgow school called off strike action to go into further talks with the council in a dispute over staff safety.

Members of the NASUWT union have been taking action this week after staff raised concerns over what is understood to be alleged safety risks about teaching a pupil at the school.

The union said it called off a planned strike on Thursday morning but three strike dates for next week will go ahead unless an agreement is reached.

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The dispute focuses on Bannerman High School’s Language and Communication Resource, which caters for pupils with autism, in Baillieston.

The council said measures are in place to deal with safety concerns, teachers at the unit are highly trained and if staff refuse to teach they are in breach of contract.

The union said there are more measures still needed to reassure its members regarding their safety, including an updated risk assessment and more clarity on how some incidents will be handled in the future.

Mike Corbett, NASUWT Scotland national official, said: “We are looking for an improved response from senior management to incidents of threats, abuse and violence facing school staff.

“As part of that there needs to be consideration of alternative, more flexible provision for those pupils whose needs are not easily met in the school and are causing significant disruption to the learning of others.”

The union also claimed that the council was making a resolution more difficult by stating teachers were told if they refused to teach a pupil then they would have their pay docked.

The council said a refusal to teach is a breach of contract and it wouldn’t accept refusals to teach one pupil before they are even in the classroom.

Further talks will talk place in a bid to reach an agreement and avert the further six days of strikes planned for next week and the week after.

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: “The two most important factors are that all young people at the school have access to quality learning and teaching and teachers feel safe in their environment.

“Our officers will continue to take part in the ongoing, constructive discussions as we are committed to resolve this dispute as quickly as possible for the benefit of the school community.”