Teachers stunned as twelve sets of twins start school in UK’s ‘twin hotspot’

 ( Inverclyde Council / SWNS)
( Inverclyde Council / SWNS)

Teachers were left seeing double after twelve sets of twins prepared to start their first day of school in the UK’s ‘twin hotspot’.

The children will all start primary one at schools across Inverclyde – taking the total numbers of twins across all primary schools in the area to 84.

The class of 2022 gathered at Ardgowan Primary in Greenock for a dress rehearsal ahead of starting school next week, with ten of the 12 sets of twins in attendance.

Inverclyde has a history of having the highest number of twins in the classroom after a record breaking 19 pairs started school in the area in 2015.

A total of 130 pairs of twins have started P1 in each of the last 10 years.

Provost of Inverclyde Drew McKenzie said: “Nobody seems to know why Inverclyde is a bit of a hotspot for twins but we have built up a reputation for being ‘Twinverclyde’.

“It has become an annual tradition to welcome our twins and their parents along to one of our fantastic schools each year and you can feel the excitement for the start of the new term next week.

“It’s great to see them all looking resplendent in their school uniforms and excited to get started in their new schools and meet new friends and the school staff.”

 (Inverclyde Council / SWNS)
(Inverclyde Council / SWNS)

“Today is a bit of a dress rehearsal in many ways and it’s always a good bit of fun for the parents too.

“It’s a lovely opportunity to look ahead to the schools going back for all our new and returning pupils and the staff.

“We’re very lucky to have one of the best, if not the best, schools estate in the country here in Inverclyde so it’s always wonderful to show off the fantastic schools and nurseries we have thanks to significant investment by Inverclyde Council.“I wish all our children and young people and all our staff well for the start of the new term on Thursday.”

There are on average 13 sets of twins each year.

Last year 15 sets of twins start primary school in the area.