Team GB Olympians say they were bodyshamed over ‘muscular bodies’

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Team GB Olympians say they were bodyshamed over ‘muscular bodies’ (Handout)
Team GB Olympians say they were bodyshamed over ‘muscular bodies’ (Handout)

Two Team GB Olympians revealed they were body shamed as young sportswomen on Thursday.

Synchronised swimmers Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe took part in an underwater photoshoot ahead of the Tokyo games and described the struggles they have had with their body image.

Both said they had been told to cover up their “big shoulders” during their decade of training.

Ms Thorpe said: “When I was younger I would wear things to cover my shoulders. If I was posting pictures on social media I would try to crop them out of pictures to avoid negative comments.

“In the past year I began to feel a lot more confident about my appearance and now we are both proud of our muscular bodies.”

The women will be competing for Team GB in Artistic Swimming in Tokyo later this month and are among the leading contenders to win gold.

They are backing lingerie brand Bluebella’s #BeStrongBeBeautiful campaign, designed to get more girls back into sport.

More than 60 percent of girls quit sports by the age of 16 citing lack of confidence over body image as a major factor, according to a survey by charity Women In Sport.

Ms Shortman, 20, said: “Who decided that being muscular is a good thing for boys and a bad thing for girls? It’s absolute rubbish.”

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