Tear Gas Fired at Protesters in Portland as Groups File Lawsuit Against US Government

Federal officers again deployed tear gas on crowds of protesters in Portland, Oregon, early on Wednesday, July 29, local media reported, days after the Wall of Moms filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security for excessive force.

The Wall of Moms parent group, which has been attending protests in Portland since July 19, is suing the Department of Homeland Security, Attorney General William Barr, and the US Department of Justice, the Oregonian has reported.

The Oregonian said the group, along with Don’t Shoot Portland, is claiming “federal officers are violating their free speech, using excessive force, [and] overstepping their authority.”

The lawsuit documents, filed July 27 in the District Court for the District of Columbia by the Protect Democracy Project, can be seen below.

Footage by Gillian Herrera/mayorofbabytown on Twitter shows protesters outside the Mark O Hatfield Courthouse in Portland, where tear gas was again deployed early Wednesday morning, according to The Oregonian. Credit: Gillian Herrera/@mayorofbabytown via Storyful