Tech & Science Daily: Can 5G crash planes?

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Boeing and Airbus Americas are asking the White House to delay 5G rollout in the States in an on-going row over whether or not the tech can crash planes.

The companies says “interference could adversely affect the ability of aircraft to safely operate”.

The wireless industry group CTIA says 5G is safe and is accusing the aviation industry of fearmongering and distorting facts.

Director-General of the World Health Organization says 2022 must be the year the pandemic ends.

He also warned governments across the globe that they “should invest in preventing a future disaster on this scale".

Giant millipedes as big as cars that once roamed northern England have been identified.

The species, called Arthropleura, lived around 326 million years ago and was probably wiped out by the rise of the dinosaurs.

Intel says the global chip shortage that’s making it nigh-on impossible to get hold of a PS 5 or Xbox series X will continue into next year.

Plus, Airbnb’s clamping down on New Year’s Eve house parties, why Nasa’s pushed back its next Moon rocket launch, and TikTok’s growth is going to continue into next year. Plus, what do you buy a lion for Christmas?

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