Tech & Science Daily: How ABBA’s revolutionary ‘Abbatar’ concert will work

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After 40 years, the Swedish pop legends have announced a new album and a ‘revolutionary’ live concert experience.

It’ll use digital technology similar to CGI in Hollywood to create ‘ABBAtars’, de-aging the group to “their prime” in 1979.

The ABBAtars will appear nightly, alongside a 10-piece live band, using an updated version of a Victorian theatre trick called “peppers ghost” which will project them onto a transparent screen.

Scientists say the technology used in the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID jab has been applied to design a vaccine that could help treat cancer by targeting tumours in humans.

We spoke to Professor Benoit Van den Eynde, Professor of Tumour Immunology at Oxford University, who explains how the potential cancer vaccine would work.

US President Joe Biden has said that “the climate crisis is here” after catastrophic flooding from Storm Ida killed at least 50 people in multiple states.

Biden’s comments come as the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place in Scotland next month, attended by world leaders.

Did Sir Richard Branson's recent space flight drift off course during its climb skyward? Meanwhile, private space firm Firefly Aerospace’s attempt to send its first rocket into orbit came crashing down, and, could those with brains less responsive to signals from their internal organs more likely hold negative views about their appearance?

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