Tech & Science Daily: Abba star Björn says tougher metadata can help musicians get paid

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 (Baillie Walsh)
(Baillie Walsh)

We spoke to Abba superstar Björn Ulvaeus who is building software with two fellow producers called Session.

The platform is designed to help ensure young songwriters keep the copyright and get paid for their music.

They have had £1million funding from Spotify and YouTube, and Ulvaeus reckons it could help musicians more easily get paid their dues by securely embedding their details in the metadata.

Amid growing tensions between the US, Russia and China way up in space, now America’s building the next generation of comms jammers to knock out enemy satellites.

It comes after an emergency on the International Space Station this week after Russia used a surface-to-space missile to obliterate one of its own defunct satellites nearby to the ISS in a weapons test.

Scotland Yard is spending £11 million on a new high-tech squad to harvest data from criminals’ Fitbit watches and a host of smart devices in a bid to contradict false alibis.

It’s hoped the information downloaded could pinpoint where a suspect is at the time of an offence.

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