Tech & Science Daily: behind the scenes of Prehistoric Planet

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Prehistoric Planet is available on Apple TV+ (Courtesy of Apple)
Prehistoric Planet is available on Apple TV+ (Courtesy of Apple)

How did the team behind Prehistoric Planet bring to life dinosaurs that are over 66 million years old? We take you behind the scenes of the joint Apple TV+ /BBC production narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Tech & Science Daily spoke to the series producer, Tim Walker, and animation supervisor, Seng Lau.

They tell us how the series aims to give viewers an immersive, photo-realistic view of ancient Earth and the beasts that roamed it.

Health chiefs are warning people infected with monkeypox to avoid any contact with their pets for three weeks.

The UK Health Security Agency is also recommending dogs and cats should be isolated and checked regularly if a household human has caught monkeypox.

Oil topped its highest price in more than two months on Monday, as traders waited on a European Union meeting on banning Russian oil imports.

Research by the University of Copenhagen suggests aliens could be living on planets that orbit stars similar to our Sun. Greenpeace and the RSPB say some English shooting estates are burning deep peat moorlands, even though the government has banned the practice. After struggling to find staff during the pandemic, Singapore businesses are increasingly turning to robots for tasks including surveying construction sites, making coffee and scanning library bookshelves. Plus, why the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory was apparently inspired by a hat box.

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