Tech & Science Daily: Cyber security expert on UK Parliament TikTok ban

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TikTok ban by UK Parliament (Getty Images)
TikTok ban by UK Parliament (Getty Images)

Parliament here in the UK has shut down its TikTok account, following concerns from politicians that sensitive data could be beamed straight to Beijing.

So how much of a risk does the app have to our boomer MPs and peers, as after all so many apps collect our data?

Tech & Science Daily spoke with Toby Lewis, global head of threat analysis for Darktrace and a former deputy technical director for incident management at the UK’s National Cyber Security Defence Centre, on social media danger and voting safety.

Guidance has also been issued by cyber security chiefs about the voting process for the Conservative leadership campaign to pick the next PM.

Could China’s sabre-rattling over its sovereignty dispute with Taiwan over their dispute about the island’s sovereignty impact Christmas supply of computer ships?

Rookie astronauts be advised, if you’ve got enough mega-millions in your savings to fly to the International Space Station, Nasa says you’ll need an experienced chaperone in the future.

It follows the first fully private mission to the ISS in a multi-million dollar trip run by Axiom Space blasted off on a SpaceX rocket.

Cambridge University scientists say more must be done to raise awareness about prostate cancer in men at the highest risk due to race or family history.

They say there is currently too much focus on urinary symptoms and want public health guidance expanded.

Which? has found that nearly six million UK households are struggling to afford essential telecoms services. Researchers at Yale University have developed a specially-designed cell-protective fluid which appeared to prevent cell and organ death in pigs for at least an hour. Plus, the northern and central sections of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef are limping back to life after being battered by storms and devastating coral bleaching. And, the Londoner getting lots of knocks on her door from ticked-off tourists after her home was advertised on an online booking website.

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