Tech & Science Daily: The drone superhighway 165 miles across the UK sky

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BT has revealed plans to create a network for a 165-mile ‘drone superhighway’.

The tech firm’s working on a comms system which could facilitate dozens of drones in the sky, delivering goods or carrying out services.

BT’s Drone Director David Pankhurst talks to us about the ways drones could use the so called ‘superhighway’.

Amazon has filed 10,000 lawsuits against the admins of Facebook groups offering people money and free products to leave fake reviews on the site.

The groups are set up to recruit people willing to write false and misleading reviews, to artificially boost product ratings and give them more chance of being bought.

It’s reported a Roblox employee was recently hacked and extorted in a phishing attack, which led to 4GB of sensitive data being stolen.

Roblox said the stolen documents were illegally obtained as part of an extortion scheme that it refused to cooperate with.

Plus, the Climate Change Committee is calling for more government support to upgrade homes to be able to deal with extreme temperatures, researchers have discovered a dormant black hole outside our galaxy, the vitamin supplement that can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, Snapchat is bringing its calling and messaging service to the web, and Netflix launches its latest anti-password sharing test.

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