Tech & Science Daily: Can this exciting technology fix Earth?

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Sono Motors (Sono Motors)
Sono Motors (Sono Motors)

How about driving a solar panel-powered electric car with 4x longer range than an EV? Stealing electricity from plants, or propping up a wind turbine in your garden?

Well, we’ve taken a trip around the world to look at some of the next-generation technology aimed to help climate change, and our cost-of-living crisis.

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In this episode:

  • The solar panels you can PRINT by the University of Newcastle in Australia

  • New World Wind’s “Wind Trees”: the turbines you can put anywhere

  • Eco Wave Power: How tidal energy could power the planet

  • Sono Sion: The Solar-powered car that doesn’t cost the earth

  • Hijacking electricity from plants, with the University of Cambridge

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