Tech & Science Daily: Inside the techniques of VR surgery

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 (HapticVR )
(HapticVR )

A medical wonder this week as twins with conjoined brains were successfully separated by surgeons using virtual reality technology.

VR is transforming the medical world, and we spoke to Richard Vincent co-founder of FundamentalVR who has developed another VR tech platform enabling operating training sessions to help drill surgeons for complex operations.

Meanwhile, scientists are preparing a mini-robot with little rubber hands for remote surgical procedures practice 200 miles above Earth on the International Space Station.

Princeton University scientists are investigating the building blocks of galaxies 12 billion years ago, essentially the early days of the universe.

It comes as stunning images were released from James Webb Space Telescope, showing a Cartwheel Galaxy and two smaller companion galaxies that were created from an intergalactic collision.

The website of Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen was brought down by a cyberattack just hours before the tense arrival of Nancy Pelosi on a US Air Force plane.

Privacy campaigners are launching a legal challenge after London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave police more access to number plate data CCTV road cameras.

Plus, footballers Harry Maguire and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the eight Manchester United players suffering the most online abuse, according to Ofcom. Tinder’s parent company is to scale back plans for use technology such as virtual currencies and dating in the metaverse, which all follows announcement of disappointing second-quarter earnings. The boss of Covid-era stocks darling Robinhood is laying off about 23 per cent of its workforce, sending its shares down more than three per cent. And a study by the University of Cambridge has revealed teenagers experience the fastest fall overall happiness levels of any age group.

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