Tech & Science Daily: Depression may not be caused by low serotonin

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How low serotonin may not be linked to depression (Owen Humphreys/PA) (PA Archive)
How low serotonin may not be linked to depression (Owen Humphreys/PA) (PA Archive)

Researchers at University College London said their recent study shows there is no clear evidence that depression is caused by low serotonin levels.

Tech & Science Daily spoke to lead author of the study, Professor Joanna Moncrieff, who’s worried about the extensive use of the drugs, and how their side effects are impacting people.

Joanna said it’s likely to be tough to hear for those who are using the drugs, and offered her advice for those people taking antidepressants.

Other experts, including from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, have urged people not to stop taking their medication in light of the findings, and argued that antidepressants are effective.

Now, cultivated meat... That’s meat created from the cells of an animal, and grown in a lab - a process which has been used by Dutch biotech company Meatable to create sausages.

Tech and Science Daily spoke to Daan Luining founder and CTO of the firm which has revealed its first sausage product today.

The European Space Agency has revealed a robotic arm, which it will use to collect samples of soil from Mars, before they’re sent back to Earth.

The  2.5 metre-long robotic arm will pick up tubes filled with samples from the red planet and transfer them to a rocket for a historic interplanetary delivery.


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