Tech & Science Daily: Meta’s Chelsea Flower Show garden wins gold

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show - Joe Perkins - Meta - ‘The Meta Garden: Growing the Future’ (RHS Chelsea Flower Show)
RHS Chelsea Flower Show - Joe Perkins - Meta - ‘The Meta Garden: Growing the Future’ (RHS Chelsea Flower Show)

We’ve been speaking to the designer of Meta’s Chelsea Flower Show garden, which has won gold for the second year in a row.

It’s an immersive experience, featuring a unique interactive installation that will bring to life the complex communication webs in nature beneath our feet.

Joe Perkins, the designer and landscape architect behind it, told us about what makes ‘The Meta Garden: Growing the Future’ so special.

North Korea has test-fired three ballistic missiles just hours after US President Joe Biden left Asia.Japan’s Defence Minister said the first missile flew about 300km with a maximum altitude of around 550 km, while the second, reaching as high as 50 km, travelled around 750 km.

Experts are advising parents not to worry as monkeypox cases are rare in children.

They say it is more likely any rash a child develops will be because of chickenpox or hand foot and mouth disease.

Also, researchers claim Google Chrome is only blocking a quarter of phishing websites. Apple confirms its next major event so there’s speculation we could get a first glimpse of their augmented reality headset. Nasa’s InSight lander posts its final selfie as it bids farewell from Mars and we hear about the underwater drone that will carry out the first-ever autonomous robotic inspection of wind farm foundations. Plus, there’s a new dinosaur in town and this one is vegan.

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