Tech & Science Daily podcast: Earth now has record 8 billion people

Planet Earth (Nasa/American Institute of Biology/PA) (PA Media)
Planet Earth (Nasa/American Institute of Biology/PA) (PA Media)

The world’s population was due to reach a record eight billion people on Tuesday.

The United Nations describes the figure as a “milestone in human development”, with a peak of 10.4 billion people expected in the 2080s.

It’s mostly middle-income countries in Asia accounting for an extra 700 million people since 2011.

Nasa satellite imaging has confirmed the world’s largest iceberg, A-76A, is floating from Antarctica towards the warmer seas of the Equator.

This beast of a berg is about twice the size of London and shines a light on the horrors of global warming.

Research by London scientists using a custom-built super-microscope has uncovered groundbreaking new evidence of how electrical voltage signals in breast cancer cells behave.

We meet co-lead author Dr Amanda Foust, from Imperial College London’s Department of Bioengineering, who collaborated with life sciences colleagues and the Institute of Cancer Research.

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Plus, Chinese YouTubers claim to have built the world’s first foldable iPhone and Amazon plans to drop Prime parcels from drones to customers in two US cities - although there are fears of mass job cuts at the e-retailer.

University of Bath researchers shed new light on gamma ray bursts and there are some almost alien-looking creatures living near ancient volcanoes under the Indian Ocean.

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