Tech & Science Daily podcast: Nasa plans trip to ‘golden asteroid’

Nasa plans trip to ‘golden asteroid’ (AFP via Getty Images)
Nasa plans trip to ‘golden asteroid’ (AFP via Getty Images)

Nasa has given the green light for a mission to a far-away asteroid that could be the core of a long-dead planet - in the hope its probe will reveal more about the origins of Earth.

The giant space rock, called 16 Psyche, lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and has attracted attention because it unusually appears to be made of gold and other metals.

If Nasa’s mission confirms evidence of the remains of an ancient lost world, researchers believe it will help the study of the development of planets, such as Earth.

Researchers in Canada are warning dangerous bacteria that lives inside sewage could become resistant to antibiotics, because of certain household items being flushed down the drain.

Scientists are worried the bacteria could develop into a “superbug” potentially making it immune to the treatments we currently rely on.

Instagram has apologised for Monday’s outage on the app, which locked users out of their accounts and temporarily changed some people’s follower numbers.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo appeared to have lost three million followers during the downtime, and Instagram’s own primary account was down by over a million.

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Plus, a future update to GTA online will reportedly let players make their own music in the smash-hit game.

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