Tech & Science Daily podcast: World’s fastest 256mph electric car

World’s fastest 256mph electric car (RimacNevera)
World’s fastest 256mph electric car (RimacNevera)

A £1.75 million electric car has just become the fastest of its kind - that's just 50mph more needed to beat an ICE Bugatti.

The four-engined Nevera super-EV, made by Rimac, to speeds of 256mph on a German test track, which is a third of the speed of sound.

You can learn more about how London’s going electric here.

Nasa’s James Webb space telescope has revealed a magical hourglass-shaped image with orange and blue gaseous cloud and a baby star at its core.

The protostar, called L1527, is just 100,000 years old - a mere whippersnapper in celestial terms.

Londoner Tasha Ghouri, Love Island’s first deaf contestant, has tested out augmented reality smartglasses that translates the spoken word into text and beam the subtitles in front of the wearer.

XRAI Glass uses a bluetooth microphone to pick up conversations.

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Plus, Netflix lets customers quietly stop others from sharing their password, Hawaii freedivers remove 53 tons of rubbish from reefs, FTX class action lawsuit, MrBeast bests PewDiePie for top YouTuber crown and - never do this yucky stunt - runner chain-smokes China marathon.

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