Tech & Science Daily: Robot ‘teleport’ tech that lets you hug loved ones anywhere in the world

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Cyberselves have created new tech which allows humans to teleport into a robot.

We speak to CEO Daniel Camilleri who says he hopes the technology will someday be used to help humans do things from afar. Such as diffuse a bomb, investigate a nuclear reactor, but also to bridge the gap between loved ones across the world.

The UK robotics firm has also won a spot in the finals of a global competition.

NASA launched its first ever rocket with a mission to alter the path of an asteroid.

The spacecraft launched from California in the early hours - and it’s hoped it’ll reach its target sometime in September next year.

The UK’s health watchdog NICE has issued new guidance for use of a drug that can cut the chances of pregnant women suffering a miscarriage.

Experts say the drug - called Progesterone - could lead to 8,450 more births each year in the UK.

As Apple and Google have taken to creating their own smartphone chips - Samsung is following suit. The tech giant’s building a £12 billion chip plant in Texas - amid a global shortage of semiconductors. A 21-year study has found tropical trees grow less in warmer years, and therefore take in less CO2. In the US: it looks like the Pentagon is taking UFO sightings more seriously. And, some of Albert Einstein’s notes on his famous theory of relativity have sold at auction.

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