Tech & Science Daily: Snapchat UK General Manager on ‘leading the way’ in AR

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 Snapchat UK General Manager on ‘leading the way’ in AR
Snapchat UK General Manager on ‘leading the way’ in AR

Snapchat’s General Manager for the UK, Ed Couchman, says the camera company wants to ‘lead the way’ in augmented reality.

The firm’s announced a series of new AR tech, including new AR glasses and software, as well as a drone that hovers near you and automatically takes photos and videos.

Blizzard are set to reveal all about their first ever mobile Warcraft game next week.

On the World of Warcraft Twitter account, it announced all will be revealed on the 3rd of May.

A team of automotive experts have broken the world record for the quickest speed reached by a fully autonomous car o straight.

The Politecnico Team recorded speeds of 192.2 miles an hour by their race car, which was solely driven by A.I. They plan to repeat the record on a race track in Atlanta.

Just days after Twitter and Elon Musk agreed on a takeover, the social platform has reported first-quarter revenue of $1.2billion.

The firm revealed higher quarterly earnings but lower-than-expected revenues following the announcement.

The US, EU and 32 other countries have announced they’re working on a ‘Declaration for the Future of the Internet’.

The declaration highlights things like making the internet available to everyone on the planet, making it affordable, and removing illegal content without restricting free expression.

Plus why we’re being asked to wait a month to mow our lawns, and which dog breeds has the longest life expectancy in the UK?

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