Tech & Science Daily| We speak to the 600th person sent to space

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The latest SpaceX crew launched to the ISS marking 600 space travellers in 60 years.

We spoke to the astronaut who is lucky number 600 - Germany’s Matthias Maurer - before he set off.

Four astronauts blasted off on Wednesday night - after being delayed by nearly two weeks.

Tesla boss Elon Musk has sold around $5billion of shares in the electric carmaker after the results of his Twitter poll.

Tesla is the world’s most valuable carmaker, with a stock market valuation of more than $1trillion.

We spoke to the retired GP who discovered a dinosaur with an ‘unusually large’ nose.

Dr Jeremy Lockwood made the discovery while sorting through boxes of ancient bones. He’s a postgraduate researcher at the University of Portsmouth and with the Natural History Museum in London.

Plus, find out about the study that’s given hundreds of patients with rare diseases a diagnosis for the first time. The new ‘soft robots’ which could be used to go inside the human body. We speak to the Zoological Society of London about the venomous sharks found in the River Thames, and an ancient hangover cure unearthed by archaeologists.

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