Tech & Science Daily: US vs China over Biden’s computer Chips Act

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Joe Biden has just signed into US law an act that is designed to boost the production of semiconductors for computer chips in the country.

The Evening Standard’s tech reporter Simon Hunt has been looking at the Act. It’s worth $280 billion, including $52 billion being ploughed into semiconductor manufacturing and is designed to make the US more competitive with China’s tech and science industry.

Simon explains how UK consumers could eventually benefit from the move and why it will have an impact on China.

A major expedition is being set up to find a super-fast meteor that crashed into the Pacific Ocean back in 2014 that is unlike any other to land on Earth.

Tech & Science Daily found out more and spoke to astrophysicist Amir Siraj who has been studying the meteor, which landed off the coast of Papua New Guinea, and is about the size of a microwave.

Elon Musk has sold $6.9 billion of Tesla shares, as the saga over his Twitter takeover continues.

Back in April he sold $8.5bn of Tesla shares, saying afterwards that he wasn’t planning any further sales.

Plus, Samsung Unpacked, why Spain is bringing in limits on air con, O2 says you can switch your phone at any point, at no extra cost; Extreme UK heatwave has ‘serious’ impact on wildlife and pay for your food shop with the palm of your hand...

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