Tech tracker round-up: Zuckerberg has "no plans" for UK visit, EOS crashes 40%

Mark Shapland

Here the Evening Standard business team highlights all the major tech news today.

Top story sees Facebook confirm that Mark Zuckerberg 'has no plans' to meet with the Government despite 3million Facebook users being exposed in a new data leak.

British lawmakers had asked Facebook to fully answer 39 extra questions after the tech giant had not addressed all of its concerns during a parliamentary hearing.

It comes after a popular personality app failed to provide adequate protection to the 'anonymous' data of participants, the latest of a string of security breaches.

The quiz, called myPersonality, collected highly sensitive data - including psychometric test results that reveal how neurotic or extrovert an individual may be.

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg promised an audit of apps that may have accessed 'large amounts of data' on the site.

The investigation is ongoing but the site has confirmed hundreds of apps have so far been suspended, pending further analysis of their behaviour.

The audit will identify apps that had access to large amounts of information prior to a 2014 Facebook policy change and then investigate those whose behaviour raises concerns, Facebook said.

Facebook aside, top five cryptocurrency EOS has now crashed 40% since peaking last month at $21.

Traders said the crash in the price of the crypto built by blockchain developer was due to heavy bouts of profit taking from investors after a boom in April from $7, but added that concerns over a raid in South Korea last week on the country’s biggest crypto exchange, Upbit.

More than 10% of all EOS coin trading goes through Upbit, according to analysts.

EOS today fell a further 2% to $12.60.

EOS had surged in anticipation of June 1 when its year-long initial coin offering goes live and its blockchain is launched.

Read our crypto columnist Jay Nemesis’s view on EOS here. He reckons it’s still a raging buy.

Wes Nolte, another trader and Evening Standard columnist, who is an EOS investor, said: “I’m sceptical anyone can predict the future for any one crypto. The way to trade it is make sure you can afford to lose what you’re investing, buy into the big ones, plus maybe one or two of the smaller players, and hope you get a winner.”

Finally French startup Aircall has raised a founding round of $29 million for its cloud based call center solution. Draper Esprit led the round with NextWorld Capital, Balderton Capital and Newfund also participating.