Technology: Aerative Portable Dryer

Aerative Portable Dryer
Aerative Portable Dryer

What is it?

A portable heated clothes dryer with fast aeration features.


Good points?

The Aerative Portable Dryer was designed to aid travellers in removing moisture from their garments without having to resort to nasty, hot laundrettes or exposing fabrics to the elements and bugs through open airing.

An integrated UV lamp helps eliminate 99.9 per cent of bacteria and mites which can be the bane of many a holiday. Ultraviolet light will also provide sterilisation of drinking water and objects such as your smartphone.

Fully rotatable and extendable arms allow the device to conform and access areas of clothing most susceptible to holding liquid. This means the gadget can extend to become a hanger and aerate sleeves and the main chamber of sweaters and jackets. Closing the arms provides an ideal tool to dry shoes and socks.

A neat timer function allows you to operate the device at set runtime lengths between one and eight hours. Once the desired time range has been reached, the dryer automatically turns off.


Bad points?

The only potential downside is the noise level produced which is comparable to that of a small travel hairdryer. Light sleepers would have to account for this and run the device during the day.


Best for ...

Those who travel and need a quick way to dry clothes after washing or a downpour. The device is great for cyclists or runners who want an efficient way of fast airing washed garments during the night so that they are ready for the morning.


Avoid if ...

You are looking for a solution to drying multiple items simultaneously as a heated clothes airer might be a better option.

Score: 9/10.

Aerative Portable Dryer, £69 (