Technology: Ezviz DB2 battery-powered video doorbell

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Ezvix doorbell
Ezvix doorbell

What is it?

A simple but powerful video doorbell from Ezviz.

Good points?

The DB2 video doorbell is the easiest and most flexible exterior security camera you will fit as there is no tricky wiring involved. A rechargeable battery allows to the device to function fully without the need for an electrician.

Installation is straightforward thanks to either the supplied heavy duty mounting stickers or screws and both methods will have you up and running in minutes. With a runtime of 115 days, the 5200mAh battery holds ample power to secure your property before the next recharge is needed.

Ezviz is known for its quality camera features and has endowed the DB2 with enhanced night vision, an ultra-wide field of view and human motion detection which means no event will go undetected day or night.

Video quality is equally as impressive with 2K resolution providing sharp images that many smartphones would be proud of. Your home WiFi network is used to communicate with the camera over the 2.4GHz band which covers the most distance.

As a smart doorbell, the device allows two-way talk via the Ezviz smartphone app which is intuitive to operate and non-cluttered. This gives a heightened user experience and allows you to find your desired feature quickly with minimal clicks.

Bad points?

It would have been a nice touch for Ezviz to provide a second battery to continue using the camera while the other was charging.

Best for...

Those looking to monitor and communicate with visitors while you are away.

Avoid if...

You’d rather deal converse with people face to face for a more personable touch.

Score: 9/10.

Ezviz DB2 Battery-powered Video Doorbell, £99.99 (

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