Technology: Lenco PA-220 Bluetooth Speaker

Lenco PA-220 Bluetooth Speaker
Lenco PA-220 Bluetooth Speaker

What is it?

A powerful Bluetooth party speaker with perks aplenty.

Good points?

Featuring double three-inch woofers and a 10-inch subwoofer, the Lenco PA 220 combines all the elements of a top sound system into one unit.

Having an all-in-one package takes the guess work out of combining the right speaker, amplifier and other components which can be immensely complex to do correctly.

A class-D amplifier with X-drive mode has an output power of 120W which means the speaker won’t struggle with distortion from an underpowered amplifier and fail.

The device has adjustable LED lighting which can be tailored to the music’s beat and enhance any party atmosphere. An additional detachable lighting pillar can be used to spread the effects or sit on top to complement the unit.

No party is complete without singing and with dual microphones the PA-220 supplies everything needed for a fun gathering. Those looking for a more relaxed experience can stop the lights, sit back and listen to their favourite FM radio station.

The speaker can receive audio from any Bluetooth linked device, or via a connected USB drive which just adds to the flexibility. Everything is controlled by an impressive looking control panel on top, or via supplied remote control.

Bad points?

Its futuristic design demands attention and won’t suit all homes, so may limit it purely to parties rather than as an everyday speaker system.

Best for ...

Those who love to entertain and want to do it big.

Avoid if ...

You are looking for a speaker with all the features of a karaoke machine.

Score: 9/10.

Lenco PA-220 Bluetooth Speaker, £259.99 (