Ted Danson discusses his admiration for wife Mary Steenburgen

Ted Danson has discussed his admiration for his wife Mary Steenburgen.

The pair celebrated their 25th anniversary in October.

Danson, 73, told Entertainment Tonight that they still “make each other laugh”.

“I admire her. If I could be a woman, I’d want to be her,” he said.

Danson said his wife has been helping him to learn lines for the sitcom Mr Mayor.

“You know, she’s the worst line runner for our show because she has hysterics and laughs,” he said.

“It takes forever for me to learn anything because she insists on doing all of Holly’s lines, you know, because she thinks they’re so funny. So, she’s terrible at that.”

Actress Steenburgen, 67, also told discussed their relationship with Entertainment Tonight.

“I would sign up for many more lifetimes with this one,” she said.

“I’m very blessed. I’m pretty obsessed with him, actually.”