Teddy’s brothers criticise Faye over row during Love Island villa visit

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Teddy Soares’ brothers branded Faye Winter’s movie night outburst “terrible” and “really bad” as they paid a visit to the Love Island villa.

The friends and family of the Love Island finalists all dropped in to the villa in Sunday night’s episode to offer their verdicts on the burgeoning relationships.

The visitors had to remain socially distanced from the islanders, but were given the chance to speak to their loved ones and meet their partners.

Almost 25,000 people complained to Ofcom following Faye’s lengthy expletive-laden outburst at Teddy after the islanders were played a clip of Teddy telling Clarisse Juliette, who has since been eliminated, that he is attracted to her.

Some 24,763 people complained to the watchdog about the episode on August 6, which led to the couple temporarily splitting up.

They have since reconciled and have become a boyfriend and girlfriend.

During the visit to the villa, Teddy’s brothers Sidney and Carlos admitted they had found the row hard to watch.

Carlos told Teddy: “The way you’ve carried yourself, I couldn’t be more proud. You’ve stayed true to yourself and you’ve been a gentleman.”

Addressing the row, he said: “It was a difficult moment for us to watch.

“It’s hard for us to give you a good overview of what we think of her because we are only seeing a slice of the situation.

When Faye joined them, she referred to the row and said: “I wasn’t that bad though, was I?”

Carlos replied: “You were terrible, really bad.”

Sidney added: “Bad is an understatement.”

Speaking in the beach hut, Faye said: “Sidney and Carlos obviously have a few things they want to say to me.”

As she waved off Teddy’s brothers after the visit, she said: “I am super sorry about shouting at your brother.”

Liam Reardon was also scolded for his behaviour during a visit from his parents.

Referring to his dalliance with Lillie Haynes in Casa Amor, Liam’s father Paul told him: “We shouted at the TV a couple of times, you know when.

“We shouted the TV and then we shouted louder and it didn’t make any difference.”

His mother Donna added: “That was a bit difficult for me to watch but you have been true to your heart and you’ve come back and we love Millie, she’s lush.”

Liam replied: “What happened in Casa Amor, I do hold my hand up, what I did was wrong and I knew that straight away.

“I took everything on the chin and said it with my chest and I take the blame for everything.”

Later in the episode, Tyler Cruickshank’s parents and Kaz Kamwi’s mother and sister gave their blessing to their relationship.

Tyler’s mother said of Kaz: “I like her. She is beautiful. She really does [get you].”

Meanwhile Kaz’s sister Banji says: “I think he’s so cute, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. That’s so your vibe.”

Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran were also paid a visit, with Chloe’s mother and sister arriving alongside Toby’s mother and sister.

Chloe’s mother Louisa said: “I’ll tell you something, you’ve been fantastic. You have been iconic.

“You have been fantastic, I can’t tell you. I’m so proud of you. You’ve been so funny.”

The Love Island final is on ITV2 at 9pm.

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