Teen fisherman hooks large catfish from SEWER near his house

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A US teenager has stunned his neighbours by successfully fishing for catfish in sewer drains on his road.

Kyle Naegeli, 15, hooked the large fish in a storm drain 40ft from his house in Katy, near Houston, Texas.

The teen found that the drain is an untapped fishing paradise - although you're asking for trouble if you eat anything he caught from his sewery source.

A video shows Kyle sending a small piece of hot dog down through a storm drain as bait, before he waits for his catch.

He then lies by the side of the drain after getting a 'bite', before pulling a 'mudcat' from the sewer depths below.

Remarkably, Kyle says he's been catching catfish in this storm drain for four years.

He claims to have landed bass, catfish and bluegill from the same sewer.

Some have cast doubt on Kyle's unique fishing technique, as videos he posted online question the time period between casting the bait and landing the catfish.

But the bold teenager insists every catch he has made is genuine.

Kyle told The Atlantic Cities: 'People walk down the sidewalk and look at me crazy, and ask me if I caught anything.

'Last time I said, 'Yeah, I caught a catfish.' And they said: NO!'

The teen added: 'It's catch and release – I don't eat anything out of there. Most of the fish are just mudcats and stuff you're not really supposed to eat, anyways.'