Teen, 18, jailed for life after stabbing 15-year-old boy to death in random attack

Nyron Baptiste, 18, has been jailed for stabbing 15-year-old Jay Hughes to death (Pictures: Met Police)

A teenager has been jailed for life for stabbing a 15-year-old boy to death outside a chicken shop in what a judge branded a “brazen, quick and ruthless attack”.

Nyron Baptiste, 18, was ordered to serve a minimum of 19 years for the murder of 15-year-old Jay Hughes, who was waiting for a friend when he was randomly attacked and fatally injured.

The Old Bailey heard that on November 1, 2018, Jay was waiting for a friend outside a chicken shop in Randlesdown Road, Bellingham, south-east London.

As he waited, three men armed with large knives arrived and ran towards Jay and a young man he was talking to.

That person ran away but Jay didn’t and was stabbed by Baptiste, who was heard saying: “I got one” before fleeing the scene with the two other men, who had chased the other teen.

Jay was waiting for a friend outside a chicken shop when he was stabbed (Picture: Met Police)

Jay staggered into the chicken shop, where customers tried to give him first aid until paramedics arrived, but he later died of the stab wound that had pierced his heart.

An investigation led to the arrest of Baptiste, who had fled his home in Penge to Gravesend where he was recognised by a police officer.


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Evidence linked Baptiste - who can be named now he has turned 18 - to the murder and he was charged.

Jay’s mother Cindy Hughes said in a victim impact statement: “During the last nine months I have been through, and am still going through a range of emotions – shock, devastation, confusion, anger, denial. I am so empty and sad inside it is heart-wrenching. It is like a part of me has died as well.”

Jay's mother said she has gone through a range of emotions since the death of her son (Picture: Met Police)

She said: “Nyron Jean Baptise, you need to realise that you have changed our lives forever and that we are the ones left serving a life sentence.

“My only hope for you is that you can be truly rehabilitated and return to society as a better person. One day if you have children of your own, you may begin to understand the devasting impact your actions had on the lives of so many people.”

Detective Sergeant Anthony Atkin, from the Met Police, said: “Jay Hughes was just a 15-year-old boy who was simply buying food and waiting for a friend to spend the evening at a youth club; this could have been anyone’s child that evening.

“What Jay did not know, was that at that moment Nyron Jean-Baptiste had armed himself with a large knife and set out with others intent on violence.”

Nyron Baptiste showed no remorse throughout the investigation and trial, police said (Picture: Met Police)

He said Baptiste had denied his involvement through the trial and had shown no remorse.

“He now has a minimum of 19 years to reflect on what he has done and the pain and suffering he has inflicted on Jay, his family, his friends and all those who witnessed this brutal act,” he said.

“My heart goes out to Jay’s family who are obviously devastated by the loss of their precious young child. I can only hope that the sentenced passed today will help in some small way.”

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