Teen Makes Her Own $15 Prom Dress the Night Before the Dance

(Photo: @bluexheeta/Instagram)

It costs the average teenager $919 to attend prom, however Shami Oshun used creativity and sewing skills to save some serious cash. The 17-year-old made her own breathtaking dress for just $15 — and only started working on it the night before the dance.

The self-taught teen says she made a last minute decision to attend prom — giving her a late start on the hand-sewn gown. “I didn’t really have an idea of what the dress was going to look like,” she said. “I was worried it wasn’t going to be finished.”

Shami live tweeted the entire process so we could all share in the (stress) excitement.

10:45 p.m.: “Taking diamonds from this dress lol,” she wrote.

(Photo: @bluexheeta/Instagram)

11:25 p.m.: “I have no idea what I’m doing right now just making stuff up as I go.”

(Photo: @bluexheeta/Instagram)

11:44 p.m.: “It’s messy but we doing some cleavage.”

It works.

(Photo: @bluexheeta/Instagram)

11:18 a.m.: “OK I was starting with something like this but I completely changed direction now…” Wait what?!

12:02 p.m. (just hours before the dance) : “Since this is last minute I’m using this other dress I have as a base and now I’m sewing pleats.”

(Photo: @bluexheeta/Instagram)


(Photo: @bluexheeta/Instagram)

7:23 p.m.: The results are absolutely stunning.

(Photo: @bluexheeta/Instagram)

But what’s a prom without a little drama?

The fast thinker wasn’t phased by the malfunction.

“I’ve been sewing for a while a lot comes from my aunt and self taught.” she tells Yahoo. “I got a lot of compliments at prom even after the cut.”

Shami, who designs clothes, said that the response to the dress “has been interesting. Everyone has been super nice and supportive. So I feel very lucky!”

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