Teen tracked down long lost dad on Facebook and surprised him at work

A teen tracked down her long lost dad on Facebook - and the pair met for the first time when she surprised him at work.

Caitlin McKinney, 18, was raised by her mum and didn't know Bachir until she tracked him down online two years ago.

Caitlin, from Derry, Northern Ireland, and Bachir, originally from Morocco but now living in Dover, was thrilled to hear from her and they began speaking on the phone.

But they'd never met until Caitlin surprised him with a visit at his work last month.

Caitlin, a full-time student, said: "It was a dream of mine to meet my dad one day. Every birthday I would blow out candles and that was my wish.

"When we started speaking, I was so excited to think that I could one day actually have my father in my life.

"I decided to surprise him and I couldn't wait to meet him - I saw him inside as I walked past his work and I couldn't believe it.

"It was amazing. It was a bit emotional for us both."

Caitlin first found dad Bachir on Facebook in January 2020 and learned she had two younger siblings - and a third on the way.

They couldn't meet until this year when she headed to Dover with boyfriend Leonardo McGlinchey, 21, on August 27.

Bachir was finishing his day at work at a local cafe when he found her waiting outside.

She said: "I didn't sleep at all the night before because I was excited.

"Seeing my dad, it was just amazing, he couldn't believe it.

"Right before we met, I just kept saying to my boyfriend, 'that's my dad, that's my dad!'."

Caitlin spent the week in Dover and said she saw Bachir every day, and plans to meet her siblings soon.

They have even discussed a family trip to Morocco to meet her extended family and learn about her Irish-Moroccan heritage.

She said: "It's nice to be able to learn about my dad's culture because I never knew much.

"I'm so excited to meet my half siblings and my new baby sister.

"I felt like something was missing in my life because I didn't know my dad - and now it finally feels complete."