Danyal Hussein: Teenage Satanist jailed for life for murder of sisters in Wembley

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A teenage Satanist who murdered two sisters in a random park attack as part of a twisted demonic pact to win the lottery has been jailed for life.

Danyal Hussein was just 18 when he brutally stabbed to death Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27 as they enjoyed a summer’s evening in Fryent Country Park in Wembley.

The two women were the last ones left at Ms Henry’s outdoor birthday celebration when they were selected at random by Hussein, in the early hours of June 6 last year.

The Old Bailey heard the killer had written a pledge – signed in blood - to a demon named King Lucifuge Rofocale that he would murder six women in exchange for a win on the Mega Millions Super Jackpot lottery.

Danyal Hussein (PA Media)
Danyal Hussein (PA Media)

The mother of the sisters, the Venerable Mina Smallman, a retired Anglican cleric and former school teacher, said she had “never come across such evil” and fears Hussein may have become a “killing machine” if ever set free from prison.

Due to his young age, a whole life order could not legally have been imposed on the teenager.

In sentencing Hussein, now 19-years-old, to life in prison, Mrs Justice Whipple ordered him to serve at least 35 years behind bars before he could be considered for release.

“You had found these two women, you were a stranger to them, you surprised them, you terrified them, and you killed them,” she said.

She said Hussein had displayed “apparent nonchalance” after the murders, having “shattered” the lives of relatives and friends of the two women.

“To lose two treasured family members and friends in this way is unimaginable, but you made that loss worse by your refusal to acknowledge your actions.”

She added: “Bizarre though your pact with the devil may appear to others, this was your belief system and your own commitment to the murder of innocent women.”

Hussein appeared in court via videolink from HMP Belmarsh for the sentencing hearing, due to an outbreak of Covid-19 on his prison wing. He was seen smiling and tossing his facemask in the air before the court proceedings began, and could be seen squatting on his chair during the court hearing.

Hussein turned away from the camera as the judge passed sentence, as she told him: “You planned these vicious attacks, you intended to kill, and you did it for money and misguided pursuit of power.”

Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow QC said Hussein has steadfastly refused to accept responsibility for the murders, insisting his face had been photoshopped on to CCTV footage and damning evidence linking him to the crimes had been planted.

He said no link between the murders and Hussein’s diagnosis of being on the autistic spectrum had been found: “The offences were the product of his belief in Satanism and entering into a bargain with the devil to obtain financial reward as a result of these offence.”

The court heard how Hussein had bought a knife at Asda in preparation for the killings and also purchased a black balaclava from Amazon.

He stalked the two sisters as they danced in the park, before stabbing Ms Henry eight times and inflicting 28 injuries on Ms Smallman as she tried to fight back.

The killer dragged the bodies of the two women into the bushes, where they were discovered by Ms Smallman’s boyfriend, Adam Stone around two days later.

“I will never been able to unsee what I saw”, said Mr Stone, describing his ongoing torment from the grisly discovery of the two women lying side-by-side in a hedgerow.

Hussein, who cut his hand in the knife attack and dropped the murder weapon at the scene, was traced by police using DNA samples.

He had cleared up the sisters’ picnic to try to conceal the murders, and threw their phones into a nearby pond.

In the ten days after the murders, Hussein spent £162.88 on lottery tickets and bets – without success.

In his letter to the demon, Hussein had pledged to “sacrifice only women” in the hope of landing “fruitful rewards” and “wealth and power”.

He promised to “perform a minimum of six sacrifices every six months for as long as I am free and physically capable”.

Hussein had signed his own name in blood at the bottom of the page, and left a space for the demon - dubbed the Prime Minister of Hell - to add his signature.

The killer had come to the attention of police at the age of 15 over fears he was vulnerable to radicalisation and violent extremism.

Bibaa and Nicole (PA Wire)
Bibaa and Nicole (PA Wire)

It is believed he turned to murder after being influenced by the work of an American black magician who has links with a British-based Nazi Satanist group known as the Order of Nine Angles.

Ahead of Thursday’s sentencing hearing, the Met Police apologised for its handling of the case after the two sisters were reported missing.

Scotland Yard said it agreed with the findings of an Independent Office for Police Conduct report that found the level of service provided over the weekend when the sisters went missing was “below the standard that it should have been”.

In response, the sisters’ mother said: “The time for apologies is long gone.” She said: “No one was taking it seriously. There was no search put in place by police. Our phone calls were being disregarded.”

Hussein, from Blackheath, denied but was convicted of two counts of murder and possession of offensive weapon.

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