Teenage sisters save man and toddler from drowning off Scottish beach using their lilo

Isla Noble, 15 and her sister Eilidh, 14, rescued the man using their lilo. (RNLI Fraserburgh)

Two quick-thinking teenagers rescued a man and a toddler from drowning off the coast of Scotland using their lilo.

Sisters Isla, 15, and Eilidh Noble, 14, pulled the pair to shore after hearing them struggling in the water off near Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire on Monday.

They initially thought the man was playing with the young boy who he was carrying on his shoulders.

But after hearing his cries for help they quickly sprung into action.

Some of the emergency service personnel who were also called in to help. (RNLI Fraserburgh)

Isla swam out with a lilo airbed and helped them to shore while Eilidh phoned the coastguard on 999.

They put the child on the inflatable while the man lay across it and dragged them to safety despite him passing out.

As they got closer to shore, a man, Keith Gray, who had been having a picnic nearby, arrived to help.


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"I didn't really think about it really, I just had to get out. I didn't really stop and think about it," Isla told STV News.

"The adrenaline just kind of kicked in. I heard them starting to shout 'help', you could see them in the water and I just thought 'get out'.

"I got the wee boy on the lilo and then the man was hanging on to the lilo with his head out of the water and then I could only use one arm to hold on to the wee boy. I can't quite believe it, I'm just glad that I could help."

A helicopter hovering over the Aberdeenshire beach where the incident unfolded on Monday. (RNLI Fraserburgh)

"Keith came out and grabbed the other side of the lilo and we both managed to take them in," she added.

The drama unfolded while the Fraserburgh Academy pupils were enjoying some time in the water after school at the Waters of Philorth nature reserve.

The child was checked by paramedics and found to be well, Fraserburgh Lifeboat said in a statement.

A spokesperson for the Fraserburgh RNLI later said on Facebook: “Once again the dangers of swimming in our seas have been highlighted and we advise everyone to be very careful when having fun at the coast.

The teenagers posing with passerby Keith Gray who helped them get the man out of the water. (RNLI Fraserburgh)

“Isla and Elidh and Keith did brilliant.

“The girls, for being so young and springing into action and having the presence of mind to phone the coastguard and calmly give them the details of the incident, enabled the emergency services including ourselves to respond and arrive so quickly.

“Make no mistake their presence and actions today made all the difference. They all deserve medals.”

The identities of the pair who were rescued have so far not been revealed.

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