This teenager had TWO sets of twins in 21 months

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This teenager is literally seeing double after she had TWO sets of twins - in 21 months. 

Maggie Rojas was 17 when she fell pregnant despite being on the contraceptive pill.

She welcomed Lola and Kenny Jr in March 2019, with high school sweetheart Kenrrik.

And the pair were just getting used to life as new parents when she fell pregnant for a second time.

They thought they were seeing double when doctors told them it was twins again.

Jewel and Krystal arrived last month - 21 months after their siblings - and the family are getting to grips with having four babies, all under two, in the same one-bedroom house.

But Lola and Kenny Jr, now one, are already proving to be great little helpers to their parents, both 19, doting on their younger siblings.

Maggie, from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, said: "My initial reaction to the second set of twins was a combination of shock and happiness, but also a bit scared. 

"The thought of another two seemed very difficult."

"It's constantly messy here now, no matter how much I clean! Always busy and loud and not a moment of quiet, also major lack of sleep.

"Lola loved both babies and is constantly trying to help with them- she brings me bottles and pacis and tries to hold them, we help her because she is too little,

"Kenny didn't pay any attention to them the first month but lately he's cuddled up next to them if they were crying and has brought me pacis and tried to help bottle feed them."

Maggie was on the birth control pill when she fell pregnant with her first set of fraternal twins - which has a less than 1% chance of occurring.

She was just 17 and five months into dating now-husband Kenrrik, and did not know she was pregnant until she was three months gone.

"I was on the pill, how do you even get pregnant on birth control?!" she said.

"I wasn't late for my period but when I got sick my best friend told me I should get a test, and I only did it to prove her wrong!

"I was in Wendy's eating breakfast at the time and went to the bathroom to take it.

"I was so far along that it was probably the fastest positive test result ever - there was no hesitation!

"I FaceTimed my mum in the bathroom crying when I told her, but she told me she already knew because I had been ill. I was like 'Thanks mum!'"

"I was so young so I was very scared, and I thought I just had ONE baby at that time!

She found out it was twins on May 29 2020, and said "but since I was a twin I kind of expected to have twins!"

Maggie said: "I was a twin myself but my brother didn't make it, which was the same for my mum.

"My family has a genetic condition where we find it hard to carry children.

"Fortunately I have tested negative for this condition - which is quite obvious now!"

Her water unexpectedly broke when she was 34 weeks along, and Lola and Kenny Jr were born on March 17 2019, weighing 4lb each.

Maggie said: "It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life, not knowing what would happen with them but fortunately they weren't in the NICU for too long.

"It was very hard watching them with wires in them.

"My son was born with a hole in his lung so we had to wait for that to heal on its own, and after that I didn't even know how to hold a baby that small!

"I tried to stay grateful because I saw a lot of other twin mums when I was in there who had given birth at 27 weeks and couldn't even touch their babies.

"I remember when I finally got to hold my son I was talking with another dad whose child had been born on the same day as mine who was really excited about getting to touch him for the first time.

"It put a lot of things into perspective."

In August 2019, when the babies were six months old the couple got married.

She said: "The first time everyone reacted very badly because I was underage and unmarried at the time.

"My grandmother is still quite judgemental now, but she loves the twins and is actually gifting us our new house.

"I don't bring my husband to family gatherings or bring our two families together at all because some of them are quite outspoken and will go off at each other!"

Not long after their wedding, they started trying for another baby - expecting to add ONE more to their brood.

She had only been trying for a baby for a month when she got the positive test.

She said: "I was really shocked, because I really believed I would have one baby this time. 

"It took me 2 weeks past a missed period to get even a faint positive test so I was sure there wasn't two!

"I think my husband was already prepared and when I told him he said "well we will have to get more twins gear." He was very calm.

"I didn't even tell my his mum that we were trying for our third child, I just texted her the ultrasound picture!

"She thought it was from my first pregnancy and didn't believe me until I showed her the date!"

The stay-at-home mum gave birth to her second set of fraternal twins, Jewel and Krystal, on December 16, 2020.

She was 36 weeks and six days along, and the twins weighed 5 lb 5 oz and 5 lb 1 oz respectively. 

Maggie and her family are moving to a bigger house in East Texas five hours away from their current one-bedroom setup.

"I won't be doing any heavy lifting with the move so I'm just mostly worried about how I'm going to pee during the journey as most of the gas stations and restaurants are closed due to the pandemic!" she said.

The young mum is nervous for her future with four children all so close in age, but is not going to let having a family put a stop to her other life goals.

Maggie said: "I had originally wanted to join the US military before the first set were born, I didn't even put having kids in my future at all back then.

"It was emotionally hard dealing with putting my dreams on hold but now they're here I have completely changed my mind.

"I absolutely love my kids and being a mum- I wouldn't change a thing.

"I hope to go back to school and pursue a career when all four start school in several years."

She now runs a TikTok account to help other young mums - @doubletwinmama - and a Facebook group too.

She said: "I was hoping that I could reach out and help other young mothers to know they are not alone.

"Here in Texas people are still very judgemental about teen mums - I actually received a lot of hate after my first pregnancy because I'd barely graduated and had to turn off my Instagram comments for a while.

"I'm over it now and I'm putting myself out there more but I do want to show other people, especially the younger mothers who don't know if they can do it or not, that it will be ok."