Teenager mauled to death by three dogs in backyard

Chris Riotta

A 16-year-old died after suffering critical injuries when he was attacked by three pit bulls in a Texas backyard.

Nelson Berardo Cabrera was mauled by the dogs after trespassing into the backyard, according to investigators, who spoke with the owner of the house. He would have turned 17-years-old on Sunday.

The teen was “up to no good” when he entered the fenced backyard, Guillermo Lorenzo, the owner of the house, told CBS 11.

Police responded to the attack by jumping over the fence and attempting to separate the dogs, placing themselves in between the animals and the boy as he was being attacked.

Mr Berardo Cabrera later died at the hospital.

One of the officers suffered an injury and was treated at the Parkland Memorial Hospital. A dog involved in the altercation was also shot by an officer and later euthanized.

The incident occurred near 4:45 am local time, police said, in the town of Irving, Texas.

The owner of the house told media outlets he was asleep at the time of the incident and had previously met the boy, who reportedly said he was homeless.

Local officials have launched an investigation into the death.

The other two dogs involved in the death have been taken to a local shelter.