Teens arrested for possession of 'Rambo-style' knife after tracked by police dog

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The teens were arrested in Bicester
The teens were arrested in Bicester

TWO teenagers have been arrested for possession of a “Rambo-style” knife after a police dog found them hiding in bushes.

The teens, both aged 16, were tracked and located hiding in “undergrowth” in Bicester by police dog Duke after they have both fled from the police.

They had been previously arrested on suspicion of drug driving and faced an evening in custody but “thought they could escape police” by running off.

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Oxford Mail: PD Duke
Oxford Mail: PD Duke

PD Duke

Duke picked up the teenagers scent and found them. They have since been arrested and under investigation for drug driving, failing to stop, damage to crops and possession of a “Rambo-style knife.”

On Twitter, Thames Valley Police said: “Amazing work by PD Duke, without him and his handler we’d have never located the occupants.”


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