Teesside hairdresser who set up home salon in box room after losing job listed in UK top 50

Danielle Gargett is in the running for a national award for her hair salon which was the brainchild of husband Rob
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A Teesside hairdresser who set up her first salon in a box room has been listed in the top 50 at the UK Hair and Beauty Awards.

Danielle Gargett “couldn’t believe it” when she was listed a finalist at the top awards after her salon, Elegance Hair and Beauty in Redcar, was shortlisted in the Best Home Salon category. The 34-year-old, and her husband Rob, travelled down to Birmingham for the finals on June 1.

The businesswoman was listed in the top 50 - coming in at number 43. It’s a huge leap from being made redundant, to starting her own business and attending a glizy award ceremony.

Danielle’s journey

When the Teesside stylist was made redundant, Rob suggested she use the box room in the couple's Redcar home to see clients. The idea was to see her through for a few months until she got a "proper" job in a salon. But, she proved so successful at running her own business, Danielle has now renovated the dining room into a fully equipped salon with its own entrance.

Speaking about her nomination, Danielle previously said: "I couldn't believe it when I got the email saying I was a finalist and inviting me down to the event. I thought I had made a mistake, I just kept re-reading the email. I can't quite believe the blood, sweat and tears of determination to start and continue this journey is paying off. I could not have done it without the amazing people who have continuously supported me, since I became self employed."

Danielle, of the town's Zetland Road, said she had worked for a salon in Middlesbrough for 12 years when the owner decided to retire and she knew she was going to be made redundant because she wasn't in a financial position to take it over.

She said: "It was Rob who said 'why don't you just convert a room in the house?' so I thought I could work from the box room. It was only going to be for a few months until I got a proper job." But, she soon realised she could make a living working for herself and she couldn't be happier.

Danielle's former dining room is now a hair salon, Elegance Hair and Beauty.
Danielle's former dining room is now a hair salon, Elegance Hair and Beauty. -Credit:UGC

Danielle said: "I started off with a lot of my old clients from the Middlesbrough shop. I really didn't expect people to make the trip from Middlesbrough to Redcar, but they were very loyal in following me, which was a Godsend..

"When you set up you don't have that self confidence it is going to work. In my mind it was just that stop gap because I didn't have that self confidence that me, Danielle, could be a businesswoman."