Teesside salon becomes one of first in country to roll out viral head spa treatment

A Teesside salon has become one of the first in the country to offer a viral head spa treatment.

The Pit Stop Hair and Beauty, in Stockton, is rolling out the sought after spa treatment to clients after it blew up on TikTok gaining millions of views. Originating in Japan, the treatment is designed to revitalise your scalp and relax your body and mind.

Salon boss Amy Waller, 38, said she and two other staff members are qualified in the treatment and have received fantastic feedback from clients, she said: "I'd seen it on Tiktok and started looking into it. There was absolutely nowhere that were offering it I think the closest one was Manchester. I looked into training and again there was nowhere doing it so I started training on video call with Japan's first ever head spa salon.

"It's been about two weeks now and it's really popular, a lot of people can't believe there's one in the North-east. We've had people come in saying they were going to go to Scotland to have it done."

According to the salon, treatment benefits may include improved blood circulation, removal of product build up, reduced dandruff, strengthened hair follicles, relaxation, and stress relief.

Amy, who is from Stockton and has been running the salon for five years, said the treatment has introduced new customers to her business, she said: "Everyone loves the treatment and it's been really good for our salon and has brought us a lot of new clients. It's also brought a lot of people to our social media pages who have seen the videos and reels so there's been quite a bit of growth."

Visit The Pit Stop Hair and Beauty here or call 01642-615958.