Telford 2024 general election candidates

Telford Shopping Centre
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Electoral forecasters are near-certain Telford is about to swing to Labour. It has been Tory lately but is currently held by an independent - Lucy Allan, formerly a Conservative, who was suspended by the party in May 2024.

That came after she publicly supported the Reform UK candidate for Telford, Alan Adams. Telford has largely been a Labour seat until it was won by Ms Allan in 2015 and is very much a target in the 2024 General Election.

Tories will be desperate to hold on to Telford but Electoral Calculus strongly forecasts a Labour win this time round. It comes amidst a tough time for Rishi Sunak's party which is predicted to lose despite an 80-seat majority in 2019.

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Who's standing in Telford?

Shaun Davies - Labour Party

Alan Adams - Reform UK

John Adams - Green Party

Hannah Campbell - Conservative Party

Jo Mckenna - Liberal Democrats

What was the Telford general election result in 2019?

The last general election was in 2019 Here are the results:

  • Conservative, Lucy Allan - 25,546 (59.7%)

  • Labour, Katrina Gilman - 14,605 (34.1%)

  • Liberal Democrats, Shana Roberts - 2,674 (6.2%)

Turnout: 42,825 (62.1%)